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A view of the value of life and the importance of choices
We are Born into mystery
We are Born into the brittle wavy unknown
Into broken homes
Born into incredible riches
We are born helpless
We are born vulnerable
We are born into a world of infinite possibilities
We are born into this life with one promise
A promise of either a shaky future or a glorious existence
But there is one constant
That one substance that we hold total control of
What is it?
We choose Greatness
We choose Brilliance
We choose Fear
We choose Love
We choose Hate
We choose Forgiveness
We choose Kindness
We choose Tolerance
We choose Worry
We choose Happiness
So many choices
So many cards in our hands and yet what do we do
Time and time again the majority picks that one
In that specific order
Weak decisions that break the foundations of greatness
The better is right in front of us
Right there!
The majority ignores it
Sees the prospects and yet chooses the easy or lazy way out
Take control of your choices and YOU will be the sculpture of your entire life
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