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Horror story entry that I missed the deadline on for Horror,inc.
  Won't be long now and I can start putting this nasty business all behind me.  Does not matter the situation or circumstance,  all things given enough time and denial, can be forgotten or at the very least, reduced to nothing more than a fragmented piece of dream.  Long story short, all wounds heal...even self inflicted ones, given the proper amount of time.

  The wound I seek to alleviate my thunderous guilt, is one of the most heroic in nature, and yet most evil in all of creation, The kind of duality that rip's at a man's soul to the point that insanity is the only sane option left where even an act of the most horrific evil can be the righteous answer.  Take what I've done tonight, for instance.  The amount of raw evil that spilled out of me to see this deed to fruition is staggering, equaled only in greatness by the sacrifice of which my soul will forever ache for what I have done. 

  You see my mother cares for this little cripple boy from two houses down.  I believe it's because all of her children have left
and she needed some thing to mother to death.  I use to feel sorry for little Timmy...that's before I knew him, and before I knew about that stupid little doll he loved so much.  He had a very unnatural attachment to that doll and everyone else around him didn't seem to notice.  It's as if I were the only one in on Timmy and the dolls secret relationship. I didn't want to be privy to this information, but it does however confirm the fact that I was chosen to deal with this abomination, this...this unholy union.

  You see, I witnessed the symbiotic relationship the doll shared with the crippled boy.  In fact the doll itself was the very reason little Timmy was crippled.  The doll fed on Timmy's life force at a rate that shriveled his little leg's, to the point that they could no longer carry his own body weight.  This allowed the doll to exist in our realm.  Timmy received an  in depth knowledge of good and evil and their relative powers.  Timmy liked the taste of evil over good and I alone saw the evil he perpetrated on those around him.  It would be I, alone, that would stop him. 

  "Today....why not today?  I've seen too many day's like today.....too many.  How many times must I see Timmy's little sister Susie, shutter under the sickly touch of her morally stunted step dad?  Or how many times must I see his wife flinch or coward
down every time this "would be" tuff guy entered a room or got a little too close.  No one should have to live this way and Timmy should be punished for creating this environment....he's just so damn evil! His constant need for everyone's
attention, and unreasonable demands kept the house stress level so high, the roof leaked. The bad thing of the matter, the
reason I finally had to do something, was because his evil had started to overlap into my mothers house. I can't have Timmy
and his dark  doll spreading their evil to my mother, It's my job to protect her.

  Unfortunate for little Timmy, mom has gone out for the better part of the afternoon, and I agreed to take charge of Timmy, so
his twice broken mom and wonderfully attentive step dad can have their drunken night away from evil...Timmy and his stupid ugly doll. Now was my chance, time to end your little game there ,Timmy.  Poor Timmy, he didn't want me babysitting but couldn't voice protest.  You see he wouldn't speak, that way people felt at ease to talk around him and he would learn their secrets and how to use it against them. But I seen him whisper to that stupid little doll of his.
They are always whispering, plotting on ways to destroy some innocent person's life I would imagine.

  Since I'm in charge tonight, I must be responsible and attentive to your special little needs there Timmy. Now given, you can't talk, So I will attempt to for see your needs before you even notice your in need. That being said, it seems to be kinda chilly in here don't you think? And in your sickly little state, you are prone to colds and what not,so let me stoke up the fire for you, I'll make sure it's good and hot, just the way your little demonic doll likes it.

  Here now, let me roll you a little closer to the fire place, I just want you to get the fire's full benefit. There isn't that better
you'll be toasty warm in no time. Now I have to run,I'll be gone only a minute. You mind yourself around that fire, and if your
little doll friend owes you any favors maybe he can put your blanket out for you.. it seems to have caught fire. Oh yea if
for some reason he can't get you put out just call my cell and I'll start heading this way. Lock up if you leave and good luck with the fire and all. Oh yea one more thing, when you get to Hell, tell satan I'm the one who returned you and your doll back to the pit, and only little girls play with dolls.



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