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My son is going to save everyone!
My son Kaleb,is seven years old. He was saved at the early age of four. Since then, he has had a love of Jesus and God and often talks to others about salvation. He has a tender heart and often wonders about other children and if they have made a decision to follow Christ. I have to often remind him that Jesus loves all children and will take them to Heaven with him if they die before hearing the message of salvation. However this does not seem to satisfy him.

I am involved with a ministry at my church that involves witnessing throughout the community. I worked hard to memorize a presentation that we use when in homes. One of the main parts of the presentation is "In your personal opinion what do you understand it takes for a person to go to Heaven?" Well, Kaleb heard me practice that presentation a million times and especially that particular line.

This week, Kaleb was in his room with his two year old brother, Dalton. They were watching a Christian video together and did not know I could hear them from the other room. Now Dalton is just beginning to learn about Jesus and praying. That is about the extent of his knowledge being only a two year old. Well, I hear the following conversation from my two sons.
Kaleb- Dalton, do you love Jesus?

Dalton- Yes

Kaleb- Do you love God?

Dalton- (doesn't know who God is) NO!

Kaleb- (sounding startled) You don't love God?

Dalton- NO!!!

Kaleb- Do you know who God is?

Dalton- No.

Kaleb- Well Dalton, Jesus is God's son. God is our Father. He made us and everything. If you love Jesus, you got to love God!

Dalton- Oh!

Kaleb- Yeah Dalton, do you understand now?

Dalton- Yeah.

Kaleb- And Dalton, Jesus died on the cross for our sins and if you believe in him, you have faith.

Dalton-(I'm sure has no clue as to what his brother is preaching) Oh.

Kaleb- Now Dalton!

Dalton- What?

Kaleb- I have a question for you. In your personal opinion, what do you understand it takes for a person to go to Heaven?

Well that was about the extent of that conversation and it wasn't long before Kaleb came to seek me out to inform me that he had asked Dalton "that question" but that Dalton was just too young to understand it. I couldn't help but smile at my little preacher man. I told him I was sure that when the day came for Dalton to receive Jesus as his Savior that he would know exactly who to go find for answers to his questions!
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