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by Fcfa
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A short possible entry of a story I'm working on. Sampling; school-like environment
As I finished writing my essay for my scince class, I went up and got ready to turn it in to my teacher, Mr. Barnes. You see, I'm not that great in any subject except for english. Science I'm alright in, and as for Math...well, let's just say whoever invented it should've either kept it simple, or never should have created it at all. Then again, none of us would be half as intelligent as we are without it.

I inwardly sighed. I didn't like school, in fact I hated it. (I never missed a day unless either family business came up or I didn't feel well) anyway, as I handed in my essay about the science of astronomy, I asked Mr. Barnes "Um, could I check my grade in this class? I know I'm missing a couple things and-"

He cut me off and said "I can't check your grade right now, for one, it takes time to open the grading system and print your missing assignment sheet out, and two, I'm busy right now. Go sit down and stay seated until everyone is done with their work."

At that I scowled. I could clearly see that he wasn't doing anything at all except for sitting at his desk, PRETENDING to do paperwork, and I also call bullshit on his sorry excuse for not getting my grade report. With the computers all the teachers had, they could show a live stream news report, show us a map on Google Earth, and still use it to work on whatever it was they needed it for.

"But Mr. Ba-" I started.

"Not buts. Sit. Now" He glared at me and pointed to my seat at the back of the room.

I mentally facepalmed; there's no way any teacher could get away with simply writing off a student like that. Another reason why I hated school is because of some of the faculty can be corrupt and idiotic sometimes. Though, thankfully there are still some genuinely good staff that actually care. All hope is not lost, I thought.
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