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This was a writer's cramp entry: Thunder only happens when its raining


If clouds only form when the day is hot

If stars only shine when you’re on a yacht

If You’re only thirsty at a water fountain

If the wind only blows when it’s on a mountain

If the moon only glows when it’s night

If flowers only grow in the daylight

If Grass is only green if it’s on the other side

If fish will only swim if the river is wide

If it’s only sunny when you are sleeping

If hens only cluck if the chicks are peeping

If birds will only sing when they’re in the trees

If leaves only fall if there is a breeze

If chipmunks only chatter if you’re walking by

If deer only graze when the grass is high

If singers only sing when the concerts over

If bees only buzz in a field full of clover

If dogs only bark if they’re offered a bone

If children only play if they’re not alone

If frogs only croak in the middle of the night

If fish only swim if they’re in plain sight

If rabbits only hop when they want to play

If snow only falls in the middle of the day

If horses only run when they’re in training

Then thunder only happens, when it’s raining

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