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by angel
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I wrote this as a reminder of how much I need Him.
Dear God;

I know you know how I think and what I say before I even get the words out of my mouth.
I have those old memories that are still haunting me as I travel through life. Maybe in time You will
embrace my love for you whenever I get up to that heavenly place to rest my troubles evermore. I
sure do miss Grandpa and that old corncob pipe and those overalls that he always said was a gift
simply because he was a simple man with a heart as big as a mountain.

Does Grandma still bake all of those nice goodies for all of the angels? Can she see me
writing this letter to you? I have a special place in my heart for her as she was the one most
responsible for me to ever put my thoughts down on paper. Tell her I love her. I remember when that
old outhouse caught fire with grandpa still in it. Bless his heart, he was only doing his duty when he
decided to light up that old pipe of his.

How is mom getting along? Does she still love that orange slice candy that she seemed to never get
enough of. Boy, I sure would love to give her one more big old hug again. Yeah, I miss a lot of those
hugs. Yellow always was her favorite color. I do remember that beautiful sunflower apron she always
wore. Maybe she still has that little rock that looked so much like a turtle that I gave her on her birthday
when I was only three years old.Did you let her keep it up there in Your Heavenly Kingdom?

Well, I guess I had better close this letter now before I start to cry.It sure was nice to write and tell You
how much I truly love You. Take a break and get you some rest as I know you are awful busy.
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