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Elegy on loneliness
…I am on a train travelling through an endless tunnel. There are no lights on the train and the only sound is the rhythmic rattle of the wheels upon the track. Only by this sound do I know that I am on a train.

I cannot tell if there is anyone else on board. The darkness is impenetrable. I could call out, I suppose…but I am afraid of discovering that I am alone. I do not know how long I have been on this journey. I cannot remember my existence being otherwise. If I boarded somewhere, I cannot remember what the station looked like…so long have I been here.

I do not know where the train is bound nor how long it will take to reach its destination. These questions are my only concern. I have the feeling that some sort of destination is inevitable; but where it will be or when the train will reach it: these questions are my only concern. So long as I have these questions to concern me, the journey will not be pointless. So long as I do not know where or when the journey will end…so long as I am unable to decide where or when I want it to end…the journey goes on…darkness prevails.
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