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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1925373
The supernatural is beyond reason.

        " Oh? " Mansfield had noticed a beggar at his limo door.
        The limo was completely armored and had air filtration for
        gas bomb assaults. It even had weaponry.

        Mansfield was an ancient wizard, who had mastered many of
        the arcane arts of immortality and divination. He looked amusedly
        at the gaunt girl peering in his tinted one way windows.
        He could have fun with her in his dungeon or simply shoot her.
        Mansfield had that right as a Master Wizard.

        But, there was something fascinating about her radiant green eyes.
        He had to have her as a pet. She was chained and sent to
        his Mansion in the Bilderbergs, a remote community in the alps.
        Many of his contemporaries enjoyed his collections of pets.
        "I think she has some magic in her." he said to one of his wives.
        "Oh. You say that about all the little girls." his wife remarked with disdain.
        His wife lifted the chin of the pale girl with her long fingers and examined
        the girls teeth:

        "They look razor sharp. .. hmmm.. like a Parana.
        She looks like a biological mutation.  We don't need her coughing up
        exotic viruses .. But, those Emeralds eyes; could I have them transplanted?"

        Mansfield smiled at his wife: "Yes, they would look magnificent on you."

        "Well, aren't you going to ask me for them?" the girl smiled back,
        bearing all her razor sharp teeth.

        The guards tightened their hold on the girl.
        Even though she was bound in chains, Mansfield and his wife took a step back.
        "Ahem. Young lady. You do not speak unless I tell you to." the old wizard's
        voice cracked with with age.

        "I do not speak on your command.
        I do as I please." the girl giggled and threw off her chains.

        "A changeling!" his wife shouted and ran behind her husband.

        Mansfield stood firmly before the girl with his hands raised for
        mystical battle. "You have deceived me. I congratulate you.
        But, be warned I have knowledge of elements and will send you to Hell."
        The old Wizard spoke with thunderous power.

        Mansfield watched as his guards crumbled into mounds of salt
        around the little giggling girl.
        Six firefly wings rose out of her back as she raised her flute to her lips.
        "Foolish old Wizard. You know only what I have whispered with my flute.
        You have heard, but do not see the beauty of my flute."
        The girl played a few notes and the mansion vanished.
        Mansfield shot lightning from his finger tips at the tiny changeling,
        but there was no effect.

                                  "I am Winkin! Queen of the Fearies!
                                  And you have perverted my magic flute!"
                                  Winkin shouted and the ground opened.

        The Wizard threw fire balls at the tiny feary as he was thrown backwards
        into the pit beneath him. "I cannot allow this!" he shouted, before the pit
        closed above him. The Wizard's wives ran in all directions, grabbing what
        they could for barter in the city. Winkin laughed as she gathered them up
        in a whirlwind.

                                "You foolish Witches!
                                You cannot escape me!
                                I who played my flute at the beginning of time!
                                You have broken your coven with GIA and
                                raped her precious creatures!"
                                Winkin waved her flute over her head.
        The Witches were torn to black ashes that rained down upon the city.
        Winkin freed all of the Wizard's pets~ beasts and mortals
        and chastised the city ~
        "Heed my warning children of rancor . I will not tolerate any disrespect
        for our Holy Mother!" Winkins eyes burned with emerald fire as the city
        dwellers ran into subways and underground shelters.

                    Winkin's flute could be heard everywhere
                    as the cities were reduced to rubble.
                    Only 500,000.000 mortals remained.
                    They were chosen to tend to GIA's garden.

        Wikin flew to her kingdom between the twilight behind the hunter's
        Moon and made merry with her many fearies.

        ^ ^
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