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A Legolas love story (Lord of the Rings)
I was walking around the garden of Rivendell, the council decided of the Fellowship, of Ember, who is me, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, and Borimor. We are leaving tomorrow for our journey to Mordor to destroy the one ring once and for all. As I was walking around, I started to sing softly to myself, a song I have heard my uncle sing to me

"Far over, the Misty Mountains cold
Two dungeons deep, and caverns old
The pines were raoring, on the height
The winds were moaning, in the night

The fire was red
In flaming spread
The trees like torches
Blazed with light"

For this song was sung by dwarves that Bilbo met 60 years ago, but, I am an elf, and I actually met the dwarves and all. But after I was done singing, I heard clapping behind me, I turned around to see a blonde elf with light blue beautiful eyes, I smiled "Hello Legolas, it is nice to see you on this fine night" he smiled at me "Hello Ember, nice to see you too, but I must admit, your voice is quite enchanting" if I was able to blush, I would be blushing like mad by now, I smiled and nodded "thank you Legolas, that is charming of you" he smiled and got closer and carrased my cheek, now I could actually feel myself blushing "w-what are you doing Legolas?" he smiled "oh nothing" as he softly brushed his lips against mine. I pushed him away "w-what are you doing? You are a prince, you can't be in love with a commoner like me" than he smirked "oh, but why not?" I looked into his eyes "if we make it alive through this journey, your father would never approve" than he lost his smile "we will survive, and I don't care if my father does not approve, please" than he gets on one knee "please be mine" I felt tears of joy streaming down my face "oh, Legolas, I-I-I-I" than he gets up and kisses me passionatly and pulls back "yes" I said softly and kissed him again.
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