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Things I think about when I think... .
      I have reoccurring dreams about exploding boobs.
      It's a phobia. I think I might pop a ladies' implants,
      during rough sex. If you can picture it .. It's very disturbing.

      The CIA chief looks like a math teacher I had in high school.
      She could put me to sleep in less than a minute.
      I just looked Julia Pierson up on wikipedia .. There nothing
      about her family or if she's married. She could be Annukai ;
      the ancient race of Sumerian lizard people.

      The Sumerian legend of sexual encounters with lizard people
      is repeated in the Genesis story of the serpent in the garden of Eden.
      Satan walked with Adam&Eve and spoke with them about the secret
      knowledge of good and evil. A secret that could make them like God.
      Sounds like a CIA CyOps.

      If you convince people you hold the secret to ultimate power, then
      you would be like God. Is this the goal of the secret shadow government?
      This new CIA chief looks very reptilian. .. Does the CIA know the where
      abouts of the Tree of Knowledge? There were two trees in Eden that could
      not be destroyed. They are guarded by Seraphim Angels.

      Perhaps, the CIA Annukai will attempt to take these trees?
      The first is the Tree of life.        The second is the Tree of Knowledge.
      If Julia Pierson can possess both, then she'd be like God!
      Holy crackers! The Pope is from Argentina .. That's where the Fountain
      of Eternal Youth was suppose to be.. Doesn't the Pope look like that
      bond villain from Tomorrow Never Dies?

      We really should have hairier bodies, unless there is some reptile blood
      in us. God damn those Annukai!
      That's why the CIA chief wasn't appointed by the senate.

                                      ! IT'S AN ALIEN INVASION !

      I knew it... The Bible is a record of E.T. screwing with us monkeys.
      Yeah. Noah's arch had monkeys!  And some of them were Noah and his kin!
      I am so feakin tired of being lied to... Jeeze!
      A Jehovah Witness told me Jesus was not a Jew. He was God from Heaven.
      Of course he was!  That's why Jesus flew away in his Flying Saucer!

                            Oh, and the CIA have Flying Saucers in Area 51..
                            So, Mrs. Pierson can return to her lizard armada on
                            the dark side of the Moon!

      I know this is a CyOp ! I'll communicate with my fearies, who talk through
      by mother's statue of the Virgin Mary. Crackers?!
      Saint Joan of Arch spoke to a tree that was enchanted with fearies...
      She led an armada and freed France from the snotty English!
      Okay. The fearies say they're neutral on the lizard invasion...
      Thank you so very much!

      Well, were screwed,

        Muzzy says hi to the new shadow world order...of Flying Saucer Lizards!

      Sleepy time ..

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