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Identity theft with the IRS
I think I’m pretty careful guarding my identity. I use a paper shredder and have an alternate birth date on all social media sites. Some days my wife says she doesn’t know me. Last year I attempted to file my tax return electronically. It was, however, rejected. An IRS agent told me a return may have been filed under my social security number. The IRS did not suggest any course of action, other than filing my return by snail mail.

When the same thing happened this year, I knew something was afoul. The agent, I spoke with this year, asked whether I had received my refund. This was after I spent 10 minutes answering questions to prove who I was. This third degree is not required for filing a fraudulent tax return and receiving a refund.

Finally I was getting somewhere. The agent told me to file Form 14039 to report the identity theft and they would investigate. Then she brought up the refund. I said I owed money last year, there was no refund. I had filed an amended return and owed an additional $10. Because the IRS had the fraudulent return in the system they determined that the $10 was incorrect. The agent said she would mail me Form 3911 to track down the $10, which I never received. The IRS has a form for everything.

The IRS will take 180 days to investigate Form 14039. However, the answer was right on Form 3911. The refund was a direct deposit to the account of Robert G. Sherman of Maitland Florida, complete with his bank account number. Before I hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to track down Robert G., it is possible that this is just a big IRS FUBAR. Although, Robert G. didn’t return the $10; so he still a person of interest.

The form 3911 had Robert’s address in addition to his bank account number; so it’s a mystery why it should take 180 days to sort this out.

Two weeks after I mailed my 2012 return, I called the IRS to confirm my return was received. The automated system has no menu item for this question. There are dozens of other questions, which I had to go through. The first menu item put me a bad mood; “push one for English.” You should not have to push one for English in any system in the USA. After being on hold for 20 minutes I reached an agent. She told me returns which are mailed in take 6-8 weeks to process.

I have no choice but to sit and wait. To be continued.

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