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A piece inspired by observing relationships gone bad.
Don’t be stupid..........when it comes to women!

Everyone wants to love and be loved.  For whom they are, not for what they may be able to provide. Knowing this to be a fact of life, makes some of us (mostly men) become prey.  I'm by no means saying all women are like this, but a lot are.  I have listed a few examples of these women. Along with some advice, I hope you find helpful.

Bitch with a plan-

These females unexpectedly present themselves as interested in a man. Her interest is more in what you have than who you are.  Please believe this bitch has been somewhere doing research on you. There is something she wants and believes you have the means to provide it for her.  She knows how to make you interested in her.  The possibility of her satisfying certain needs instantly transfers thought processing to the "little head".  You can't help it, you are wired that way. It’s still not good! That is exactly what this broad is counting on. You are, just what she has been looking for.

Once blood flow returns to your brain, DON’T BE STUPID, you need to be quietly checking her out.  (If you’re not doing it already)

As I mentioned earlier, she has researched you, and knows exactly what she is doing. The basic male needs are a given, but she has gone the extra mile, she knows what your interests are as well as what you don't like.  She knows all about your family and how to behave with/around them at least until she has you wrapped. However, it's that extra mile that convinces you that she is perfect. You can't believe you have so much in common.  Just when you "can't wait to see her", she will pull back enough for you to take over the pursuit of what you now MUST have in your life. Slow down big poppa! It's her rodeo...let the bitch ride. If you are truly interested in HER, Of course you will play along, just take things slow and let her show her true colors. It’s worth taking the time to be sure.

Controlling Cunt-

She's a conniving bitch who's an expert at conning men. She will tell you exactly what you want to hear until you're hooked into the relationship. She will proceed to direct every phase of your life.  She will tell you what to wear, where to go, who to talk to, what friends you can have, what you can eat -- everything. And if you try to stand up for yourself, she will cut off sex, cry, scream, pout, or whatever it takes for you give in to her demands.  Overnight, your sweet little girl turns into a demanding, greedy, cunt who will browbeat you into submission if she doesn't get her way. This one is a little hard to detect…..until it’s too late.  All I can suggest is to always be yourself.  Don’t  allow  some chick to come into your life and start changing things.  If  you should get  tangled up with one of these, put your foot down right away. Preferably as you are walking out the door.

Shameless Hussy-

Like her previously mentioned sisters,  she is  skilled  at conning  her way into the lives of unwitting  men.  Her tried and true approach is to shower  her  target with “love” and  attention,
yielding  herself  the much coveted place of importance in this mans life.  This will continue until which time this  hussy  feels it is time to cement herself  into  an  even  higher  place of adoration  to her man.  At this time she will proceed  to “slap it on him” sexually.  By the time the poor guys head stops spinning,  She will have moved in with him, pets  and all. Next thing you know, his home will be distastefully  re-decorated .  Of course shopping and doing her own thing is what takes up her time. Now that she has access to his bank account and credit cards.
DON’T BE STUPID!  This broad will not be easy to get rid of.  If you’re not careful, when she does finally leave, she will take with her everything  you own.  The best way to handle this with your balls still intact, is to be patient. Carry on as if nothing is wrong. Help her plan a trip out of town. Atleast overnight.  As soon as she is gone,  get a trailer or uhaul, whatever it takes.  Have some help waiting to come over and assist you in packing  and loading up what items from your home you wish to let her have.  Before dragging her belongings to the home of her nearest relative, change all door locks alarm codes etc. Don’t forget to cancel  any credit cards she may have in her possession.

The Barbie doll-

The highest of all high maintenance bitches. This one needs to be the constant center of attention no matter what she does or where she goes. She never keeps friends, no one can stand her. She is a selfish, self-indulgent, self-serving narcissist who was raised a "daddy's little girl”, and has been given way too much her entire life. She will no doubt  expect  the same from you. There are some fools out there that  will find her a challenge, and like the thought of it.  Sure, she is beautiful and well put together.  It doesn’t take long to realize the real challenge is financing her designer clothes, purses, and shoes.  Not to mention the perfectly manicured nails and always perfect hair.
The best thing about this one is that, if you have any sense at all you should recognize her right away

Ms. All That-

If you show interest in her, she will make it clear from the start, if you want her it WILL cost you. Just to hang out, you better show up with a gift. If not you are spinning your wheels (backwards!). She expects a man to finance at least a portion of her life, just because she is female. To her, a man should pay for drinks, dinners, trips, flowers, and jewelry, everything.  She has little or no concept of someone else's feelings, her only interest is in getting what she wants. This chick is not really interested in a “relationship”, so if you don’t play her game she has no problem moving on. There are more guys out there interested. She will hold out for one that will take care of her.

Insecure psychopath-

This woman seems great at the start because she's very nice, accommodating and treats men well. But her inner insecurities don't take long to surface. Pretty soon she's calling you 10 times a day, asking to see "where the relationship is going," or because she "just wants to hear your voice." She needs constant reassurance that she's attractive, and worries incessantly about her makeup, hair and the alignment of her clothes. She's clingy, needy and compulsively agonizes that you're going to leave her at any moment for "someone better."  If you should find yourself involved with this chick, the best thing you can do for you both,  just leave and never look back.
Prepare yourself  for  her many attempts to contact you, because she will.  No matter how innocent  or valid a reason she may come up with to speak to you, don’t  do it.  These  will  be her  final  pathetic attempts  to worm back into your life. You are better off  being  “dog” , than you would be by getting sucked back in. 

Just a Tease-

Usually, you can spot this ho a mile away because she flirts with anything in pants and flaunts her sexuality at every opportunity. Sometimes she sponges off older men. Sometimes she's a ball-buster who enjoys getting men sexually excited and then walking away.  Her actions will at some point attract more than she bargained for.  Even that just confirms that she is irresistible. She craves male attention and if somebody better comes along, she'll dump you in a heartbeat.  Her falsely inflated ego, and irrational thought process, makes her totally untrustworthy. Don’t even look her way.

Exposing the truth-

Keep an open mind, watch for red flags. Things that don’t seem quite right should be considered a red flag, and worthy of investigation.  I have listed a few examples.
* If she is just getting out of a relationship. How long did it last?  (What happened there? Train run out of coal?)
* If you have been bowling at the same place with the same people since you were 5 and she just popped up?
  You have never even spoken to each other, until now.
  (Especially if you own the bowling alley) WTF?
* If  her self proclaimed "best friend" is the town tramp, who changes men like underwear. Beware.
* If she goes to the trouble to inform you of how "independent" she is, and doesn’t need to be “taken care of.”
  (Yeah, right!) Watch out.
* If it is common knowledge that you will likely come into some money fairly soon.

Granted, these are some extreme and obvious examples.  Surely you get what I'm saying! For God’s sake do not feel guilty, for leveling the playing field. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being aware.  It’s your life. This doesn’t mean you should go all SVU on her.  It should never go that far.

If you plan to continue to see these  women, you must take things slow, in order to expose her true intensions.  Good or bad, you have to know.  DON'T BE STUPID! Absolutely no BIG SPENDING! You don't have to impress her.  She is already interested, let's find out why.  Concentrate on spending quiet time together so you can talk and really get to know each other. If she is truly interested in YOU, she will love doing this. Cook dinner for her at your home. Do no extra cleaning; let her see how you live. Then suggest she cook dinner for you at her home next time. You need to see how she lives too. 

One of the best ways to read her for sure is through the eyes of your family. Plan a dinner with your family. Especially if you have a sister.  She loves you, and will tell you the truth.  Women have a sense that's rarely wrong, especially regarding someone they love.  You will have to be open to what she says. It is her impression, with your best interest in mind. If the girl is what you think she is, this will be a great thing. If not, still a good thing. You are now further informed. Your parents will likely not allow themselves to truly evaluate your new girl.  Even when you ask what they think of her, no matter what, it will be a vaguely positive answer. If you’re happy, we are happy for you.

Remember, still no big spending! If she suggests doing anything that will cost you over let’s say 50.00 max DO NOT DO IT! And for god's sake no gifts! Especially cash! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! It doesn't matter if she can't pay her rent, and is facing eviction. DON’T BE STUPID! If you weren't in the picture, she would have to figure something out anyway.  Same goes for car repairs, or anything else she may come up with. Do not even consider for a moment asking her to move in with you. Even if you live at south fork ranch and have 2 empty wings.  Men are naturally "fixers".  Rather than have someone you care for go through any stress, if you can, you just fix the problem.  No thought involved. She was fine before you came along. She will still be fine.

If she is really into YOU, something thoughtful will mean more to her than something costly.  Like a sweet card out of the blue saying you've been thinking of her.  Or a single rose, or whatever flower she likes. Not the whole fucking florist, just one.  You must start out small.  If she is still around in a year and hasn't made an issue of money, she is either VERY patient, and some are. Or she has somewhat proven herself to be worthy of you. Depending on how YOU are feeling about the relationship, you may bump things up a little.  Always remember when you do something nice or give a gift, you will be expected to top that gift next time. Make it something appropriate in regards to how long you have been together.  Hold out on any expensive jewelry etc. for special occasions, later down the road.  Let me now remind you that pussy is never free! Which you better be getting by now. If not move on!

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