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Do not speak of evil unless you intend to invite it in.
      How do you know what is real?
      I like to try push ups and sit ups.
      That's very challenging for me.

                                          The measurement problem is difficult
                                          for physis .. molecules do not want to be
                                          measured. They behave differently when
                                          measured, shrinking or blinking in and out
                                          existence. Reality on this minute level is

        I have heard many arguments against Darwin's theory of the descent of man.
        But, Dr. Pyle on Youtube was completely unpredictable. The doctor believes
        that the human race was genetically engineered by ET; specifically the
        Annukai of ancient Sumeria. These Annukai are represented in every religion
        as deities or the serpent in the garden of Eden. The doctor's theory is that
        the missing link in human evolution is the Annukai. He goes on to say that
        Big Foot is the Neanderthal that preceded the human race. They never died out.
        But, like most theories it too needs facts, such as a Big Foot to study.

              I watched Doctor Pyle's lecture on Youtube and then switched to
      Lady Ga Ga ~ I WAS BORN THIS WAY. Then, I stumbled onto
      a Benjamin Fulford, who believes that Masons are guided by the Annukai
      in the New World Order. And it hit me Lady Ga Ga came from a Masonic
      family. Is Lady Ga Ga a lizard? According to this Japanese correspondent
      the Asian mob is targeting the Illuminati ... because the Annukai want to
      kill Asians with AIDS.  The Yakuza Ninjas are fighting Illuminati lizard men.
      Benjamin somehow got an interview with David Rockefeller and asked the
      old man if he was ruling the world with a secret society of Annukai.
      Rockefeller continued on with his feelings about a peaceful international
      trade union with an overseeing global government. I was stunned.
      My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. Could Lady Ga Ga be a Serpent of
      the Annukai? How big is this secret ET shadow government?

            I need more time to absorb these insightful thoughts.
            Perhaps, Lady Ga Ga will reveal the secret plans of the Annukai
            in her new album. The Illuminati control the music industry ..
            So I'm told.

      Doctor Pyle had slides of the Annukai skulls, which had long craniums ..
      He said that the Sumerian astrologers had predicted the return of the
      Annukai home world Nibia in the next 100 years. It is part of our solar system,
      and has a long oblong orbit. This is the tenth planet astronomers have discovered.
      I'm very confused about all of this.

            The Bible does say the son's of God took human brides in Genesis
            and giants walked the Earth. Doctor Pyle had slides of giant human
            skulls discovered in Asia Minor... Are the Asian people ET too?
            Maybe, that's why the Illuminati is trying to kill them. It's a blood feud.
            There are good ET's and bad ones... I suppose.

      Big Foot is a Wooki!

      I need a nap..... .

      Bob County
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