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My perspective on art
I don’t consider any painting, sculpture or photograph to be art. I view the Mona Lisa as paint on a canvas and nothing more. To me, art can’t be seen in a gallery. Nobody can see my work and I can’t see theirs. Art is not tangible. It can only be seen by it’s creator but never remembered. Art is not the idea, the feeling, the process. There is no conscience intention or sub conscience meaning…It can’t be drawn. A painting is only a branch off a great tree that sprouted from a small seed. The seed is like a snowflake. One who catches a snowflake is exposed to a unique design. So delicate it lasts a fraction of a second before it fades. Too fast to perceive and impossible to recreate. The lone snowflake and it’s one of a kind structure is lost forever. Your eyes have seen something that has never been seen before and will never be seen again, yet your memory blurs the crystal lines. Art is like catching a snowflake. Art is the realization that you have obtained something original, indescribable and pure. The feeling can inspire and can lead to great things but is lost faster then you can blink an eye. The snowflake can’t be brought back. Only obtaining another snowflake allows one to see the spark flash again. How can you put that on a canvas?
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