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But is this science?
          "The world is 6 thousands years old." Professor Origin said.

          A student raised her hand,  "Anthropoligists dissagree. Carbon dating puts the age of the world
                                                      at over a billion years."

        "You have forgotten that radio carbon dating is inaccurate when submerced under salt water.
        The world was once covered in salt water. So, we can only measure the geological time in lifespans."
        Professor Origin scribble the lifespan of a generation.

                              Question ~ How long does a fish live?

                                                  How long does a mammal live?

        There is muttering in the classroom.  "Ehm. My goldfish lived 4 years. My dog lived 15 .." answered a student.

        "Very good. Now we have something to measure. How long do people live?" Professor Origin pressed on.
        The student, who had a goldfish stood up, "This is riddiculous. Geolology is an accepted science!"
        Professor Origin smiled and walked up to his desk and sat on the front end.

                                "As scientist we must question everything. It is an imperical fact that salt water erases
                                accurate radio carbon dating. .  We are left, therefore, to measure the age of the planet from
                                the lifespans of living oragnisms."  Professor Origin smirked and returned to the chalkboard.

        "There are fossil remains buried at various layers. That is a measurement of time!" the student, who had a goldfish,
        answered angrily; "I want to speak to the admistration! I'm not paying three thousand dollars for this stupid course!"
        "Now, just simmer down." Professor Origin looked sternly at the student.

                                "There is a difference between layers and banks. Layers are deposited on top of each other.
                                Banks are deposited at an angle, so the fossils at the top of the bank are not older than the ones
                                at the bottom. Palentology is not, therefore, an accurate measurement of time." Professor Origin.

        The angry student picked up his books and stomped out of the classroom, slamming the door ..
        "That is why Evolutionistist are so close minded. They refuse to question everything and leave the room."
        Professor Origin remarked with a chuckle.

                                  "If you calculate the lifespan of humans to be a hundred years and then look at the evidence
                                  for humans in the fossil record. You will conclude that the planet is six thousand years old.
                                  There are human fossil remains in the Cambrian era. Human foot prints have been found beside
                                  dinosaur foot prints. How long did a dinosaur live? No one can say with any certainy, but we all know
                                  how long humans live. Our life span is the measurement of the age of the world." Professor Origin
                                  stated with a broad smile.

          Most of his class walked out.

          Reflections:  Can science prove the age of the planet? What if the conditions were different in the past?
                              The age of rocks can be altered by salt water and solar flares.



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