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by Laike
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Hold on or let go. What will you choose?
Once a man was caught in a storm. It rained so hard he could barely see. Feared from extreme thunder and lightning, he couldn't think where he should go. He decided to keep climbing up the mountain he was on but unfortunately, just a few feet from the top, he slipped. He somersaulted hard against the ground until he was off the cliff and was falling down in the air. He felt his end coming near and he could do nothing but close his eyes and have a quick glance of all the good and bad times of his life. Then suddenly, to his surprise, he was caught up by the rope he tied earlier to his waist holding him against the gravity. He was hanging in mid air.

Holding on to the rope, he cried; 'Help me God!'

All of a sudden he heard an answer: 'What do you want me to do?'

'Save me, please!'

'You really think I can do that?'

'Why yes, I trust you!'

'Then cut the rope tied to your waist'

After a moment of silence, he decided to keep holding on to the rope with all his strength.

The next day, the rescue team reported a climber found dead and frozen hanging from a mountain on a rope, his hands holding tight to it. Funny, he was only a foot away from the ground.

Now, there are many lessons that we can learn from this story. We all have this man inside us. A person who gets caught up in the storms of life, making him unable to see or understand anything. There are times when we do not know where we should be taking our lives. We all have doubts and fears. When these conquer us, we fall. We all think about the happy successful times of our lives when we did not have to care for anything. We wish life was easy and if not, there was somewhere we could run. Somehow on our way down, if we find a rope than can save the little more left of us, we do not hesitate in grabbing it and never letting go. We are too reckless to see anything beyond saving ourselves from the total destruction because we believe there will be no way back for us to be able to live again. Of course, there can be other reasons. Maybe it’s not always about us. Maybe sometimes it’s for the people who believe in us, confide in us and depend on us.

But in all this mess, we overlook something. After giving in all that we have got, many a times we land up in the same or worse situations feeling so damn helpless. At that time, instead of panicking yourself from all kinds of stupid thoughts, all you need to do is to take a deep breath and let go of the rope to which you have clung yourself and reached nowhere. Sometimes, it’s better to fall and start again than to be left hung on a silver thread by life which seems so precious to let go of but is the only obstacle between you and your happiness. And if you ask me, I believe happiness is the perfect destiny.

God helps those who help themselves. Believing in Him requires enormous faith and faith, is a fruit of a lifetime. If you're capable of receiving his guidance, you will show it in your actions and eventually you will soar high. Always remember, it is not God but our actions that set our destiny. God simply becomes our strength in our hardest times so that we never stop believing! :)

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