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by Laike
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How far can a wish upon a star possibly take you?

I always wanted it, knowing what sufferings and hard times my wishes may bring to me. But then, it was a fantasy. Until it turned true. And changed my life, forever…

A thought struck me and I rushed to the library. I asked Mr. Ray to give me all the books that included the secrets of the Central Province. I went through them and came to know what the enemy was behind. It was a jewel, kept in a secret chamber, somewhere inside the palace where only I, the protector of the Central Province could enter. I tore the map from the book and rushed to find the chamber thing. It said the way starts from somewhere in the walls of the royal court. It was mid-night; there should be no one there so I ran for it. All kind of thoughts were coming to me. For the first time in my life, I was alone. I was meant to be, I guess. It was my fight after all. Still, I missed them all; Ivan, Linn, Rohn and… Soren. 

Flashes were coming back to me. Flashbacks of the past. Flashbacks from when I was young, of my family, my world. I was alone again. And I missed them all. If I lose today, I would never be able to live with myself again. Many lives were relying on me.

Chapter: 1  The Box and the Letter

It all started at my school in the spring time, when the first flowers of the season started to bloom. I met this schoolgirl nobody else saw during recess, who gifted me a strange wooden box while I was alone in class. The girl vanished as I gazed back from the box to where she was standing to ask what it was and why it was for me. The box wouldn't open either. 

At home, in the evening, I tried again. Magically <of course>, it opened this time. There was a letter inside.


I know what you've been looking for all your life. And I am granting everything you desire. I would have its cost, though. At the night of full moon, stand on this moonlit circle and you would be teleported right where you need to be.


I’ll be waiting…


So, it was a full moon that night. Weird drama, I thought. I was 100% positive these were my friends playing pranks with me. But I wasn't going to get fooled so easily. I threw the box on the bed and went for dinner.

After an hour or two, I was watching T.V in the drawing room when dad arrived from work. I handled him the remote like a good child and headed for the terrace. I remembered the box while climbing up the stairs and grinned with a lost stare towards the sky. It was blue… dark blue with a faint white light trying to lighten it up while it slowly started turning into bright pinkish. I quickened my pace as soon as I realized it wasn't mere a firework. As I reached the terrace, I stood frozen at the sight. There were lights all around. A strange energy, warming me. Ahead of me was that circle from the letter and in the middle stood my little sister equally shocked. Her eyes were glittering with the tears of fear, pain and distress.

“Alice!” I ran for her as I saw her disappearing in front of my very eyes.  She held out a hand for help but before we could touch, she was gone and I just passed through the place she was standing. The lights were gone now and it was cold. Very, very cold.

Two days went by without a single sign of Alice. Mom was in the hospital. Dad never had a meal since that night and I, I could still see her teary eyes, pale face, her hand and her silent voice crying for help. I couldn't escape it. It was my entire fault.

The time was hard. I didn't know what to do, instead of crying. I was worried for Alice. But there was nothing I could do. Not until the next full moon. And it was faraway.  My parents were losing hope… and health. And I couldn't dare put them in more suffering that I know they won’t be able to bear by disappearing myself.

I went to the terrace. I sat and watched the circle that swallowed my little sister. Beside me, I found the darn box. Alice must have read it. She was always fond of magic. She was always so silly as well. I opened it again. This time, the letter’s contents were different, to my bitter surprise.

“Beyond the limits of your wishes and desires, you are now bound to follow the magical lights in order to find your sister surviving.

I’d be sincerely waiting for your arrival the next full moon,


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