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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1938740
Ariel Winter finds tiny people in her room what will she do with them?
Ariel Winter's Day of Fun

          It was a cloudy morning, it was raining out, and a goddess named Ariel Winter was waking up from a sexy dream she had the night before. She opened her eyes and a little man between her boobs, "what the hell are you doing you little shit?" She yelled. "Well I hope you liked the view cus these are the last things you'll see!" With that she squeezed her boobs together and killed the little man. " ohhhhhh that felt good" she moaned. She got out of bed and went to have breakfast, she poured something into a bowl. She looked down and saw 3 more little men and one of them was her ex boyfriend who cheated on her with some bimbo. " ohhhhh well well if it isn't the cheater" she moaned. " this is the perfect way to get revenge, ha ha ha ha" she laughed. "Please babe don't hurt me I'm sorry!" Her ex cried. " hurt you..............oh no honey I'm going to..........EAT YOU." She said licking her lips. " nooooooooooooooo!" He yelled " ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" She moaned. With that she picked him up and swallowed him whole. " mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that was good!" She moaned after that she ate the other 2 little men and went back to her room.

    When she got there she saw more of them, "ohhhhhh looks like I get to have even more fun!" She moaned. She grabbed the little men and put them in a bowl. There were 6 of them. "Now little ones here's what going to happen," she said " I'm going to make you slowly suffer through out the day, starting when I get back from my shower" she said licking her lips in a sexy way. She put a lid with a tiny hole in it on the bowl and left the room.

      When she got back she saw the bowl was empty," why you little shits you'll pay dearly for that!" She yelled enraged. She spent all day looking for them, she found 1 of them hiding behind her shoe, "so you like feet huh?" She cooed " well then I'll give you what you want." She said. With that she lifted her foot over the little man with a cheshire cat grin on her face. " Noooooo please don't step on me!" Then little man begged. " fine" she said, "really?" He asked " no ha ha ha ha." She laughed. With that he was now just a stain on her foot.

    She unknowingly found the next 2 at lunch time. One was in her lunch and the other was on her seat. When she sat down on the chair the little man was crushed under her perfect ass. When she ate her lunch, the little man in her lunch was now in her perfect stomach.

      She didn't find the next one until 4:00pm. She looked down and saw the little man looking up her skirt. "What the are you doing?" She yelled "you like the view little man?" Well then maybe I'll let you die with this being the last thing you see." She said licking her lips, then turned around and slapped her ass. After that she grabbed the little perv and tossed him onto a chair. " nooooooo please not do this." He pleaded.  " ha ha ha ha ha ha" she laughed. With that it was bye bye pervy.

    It was 6:00pm when she found the next one. She looked down on he table where her dinner was and when she saw who was in her dinner, she had an evil grin. " well well well, if it isn't the bimbo that stole my man! " she yelled. " please I'm sorry but I loved him!" The bimbo said. " Well if you loved him so much, you can join him you bitch!" She yelled. " noooooo!" cried the bimbo. " ohhhhhh yeeeesssss!" Ariel moaned. With that she ate the bimbo with her dinner.

    It was now 10:00pm and she had finally found the last one and it was non other then her own brother, and was on her bed. Her brother looked up and stared screaming and waving his arms to try and get her attention. " hay sis down here!" He yelled. "Well I guess that enough fun I think I'm going to go to bed now." She said. With that she took off her outfit all but her bra and panties. She then turned around and got ready to sit on the bed right where her brother was. "Nooooooo!" He yelled, and with that she plopped on to her bed crush her little brother under her perfect ass. " that's all the fun I can handle, which is more then I can say for those little bugs ha ha ha ha." She laughed. With that she went to sleep.

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