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Understanding and closure...

                                                ADOLF HITLER

        Adolf Hitler executed most of my relatives in France. But, I blame
        not only Hitler for it, but also the indifference of the world that
        that watched Jews lead to be slaughtered. Isreal has vowed
        total anihilation for all combatants.

        The Old Testament teaches many morals.
        The most bloody lesson was to slaughter your enemy before they
        can slaughter you; the opposit of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

        This is a harsh lesson, but it is played out time and time again.
        Eventually, some lunatic will fire off a nuke at Isreal and the sky
        will catch fire and the seas will burn and every living thing will die.
        That is the way of the lion. They anihilate each other with weapons of
        mass destruction.

                                            TIM  BERNARD

        Tim Bernard was a District Manger at the Newington Walmart.
        He told me, in the men's room stalls,

        "When I hawler the whole eastcoast hears me."

        Tim was not happy with my harrasment complaint against the
        overnight manager. I was fired after 4 years of persecution.

                                            ERIC BRENNER

        Eric Brenner has been in upper management with Home Depot
        for 27 years. I made a formal harrasment complaint against him to the
        offered a settlement to have me walk away. I refused.
        Eric Brenner said to me, "I can think of a 100 ways to fire you.
        I will see you in Hell."
        I ignored his threat and was fired 3 years later with no cause.

        In both cases I hired a lawyer and sued and loss.
        What this has taught me is that their is no justice for the stupid.
        Typically, the employees are sheep and we all know what happens
        to sheep.

                                          Cathleen Patricia Gallo

        After 5 years of cleaning and clothing and medicating my mother,
        I was 35 years old and a total looser. My dad had a neverous
        breakdown after mom died and had to be put into a nursing home.
        My sister Cathleen took the house from me and told me ,

              "Your a lazy bum and you wont be hanging around here."

        I bounced from one retail job to another and rolled into a trailer for rent.
        I did not prepare myself for the future. And I was unprepared for my sister
        and her goon husband. Ultimately, we are responsible for our lives.
        I think my older brother summed it up best ~

                "Get a better job."

        Compassion is not a strong point in my family.

                                          Well, that's my two cents.
                                    Don't be a sheep and get a better job.

        Happy .. whatever.




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