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Kittens are the start of a wonderful new relationship in your life. Five need homes.

Introducing the First Litters of Summer 2013{/center

Five little feline darlings are currently awaiting a new home. Two of my female cats had their litters a couple of weeks apart. Some kittens have already found homes via a sign in the yard, before the elementary school let out for summer.. As of June 20, 2013, the younger litter is kittens is eight weeks old; the older kittens are nearing the age of three months.

These kittens all came into the world just before I moved to my current house. The household antics of critters has been supervised by my 10 year old German Shepherd. Sometimes the three adult females get into "cat spats," but they usually settle their own business before "Shadow" noses in. "Shadow" is very gentle with the kittens,and once transported the litter to its second nest in another room of the house. "Shadow" never had puppies, but being withme for over 10 tens, she has supervised the raising of many a kitten.

These kittens will not initially be afraid of dogs. Both litters have had the run of the house, inside and out, and are trained to use a litter box. My pets always have access to water and dry food, and the kittens and cats share a couple of 6 ounce canned food or tuna, a couple of times a day. Tuna in oil is great for fur, but cats ought to eat a cat food based diet so that they get adequate nutrition. Did you know cats require taurine in their diets--that's an additive to most "energy" drinks.. I'm not saying cats require energy drinks, but catsdoneed different nutrition than dogs. If you catch iton sale,tuna can be cheaper than regular brand cat food.

Beware: The delicately prima-donna packaged "Appeteasers" in an ounce and a half plastic covered container, gets it's fish from the area around Thailand. This was a practice before the earthquake upset the nuclear plant. I have read no warnings about fish taken from any areas that have nuclear radiation, but the ocean is only so big. Look at a map, watch the winds and the currents, and don'ttell me there's not going to be some effect on the sealife in a certain, currently expanding area. That's just my opinion. I could be wrong.canned food--most often "Friskits," a couple oftimes every day.
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