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You will just need to read it to see.
         Caleb walked into his first period art class. He hadn't slept in days, due to his little sister's disappearance. His eyes were puffy, and bloodshot. Upon his cheeks, there standing out on his pale white skin, were the red trails from his tears. He looked like he had been mourning, and to him, it was just that. He was mourning for his sister, for he had spent every waking hour, he had free, with her. He loved her more than he loved his own life. He felt it was his duty to protect her, and he had failed. He took his seat at the table in the back of class as his teacher walked in.
         "Good morning class." Mrs. Juliet Rulliano, the sculpting teacher, announced to the whole class. "Today, I want you all to welcome Caleb back to class. I'm sorry for your loss Caleb. It must be heart wrenching to lose your little sister." She told him, sympathetically.
         Caleb, who believed Angela was still alive, was angered by this, for he felt his teacher was implying that Angela had passed away. He slammed his fist on the table, causing it to crack, and then he stood up. "SHE'S NOT DEAD!" He screamed at Mrs. Rulliano. He was hyperventilating after he screamed. He looked around the classroom, at all the astonished faces of his classmates. They hadn't known Caleb to be so angry. He's usually quiet around them.
         One of his classmates, Jennie Fitzgerald, had always had a crush on Caleb. She stood up and just gave him a hug, hoping to calm him down. She didn't want to see him so angry, but she wasn't so cold that she would just leave either.
         As Jennie hugged him, Caleb felt like all the pain was rushing out of him. He looked at her and wrapped his arms around her. He then looked her in the eyes, pleadingly, as if asking for help.
         Jennie saw the look in his eyes and shook her head. She placed a finger on his lips. "Meet me in the gym after class." She told him, knowing full well that she had just asked him to ditch his next class. She half hoped that he would say no, for she wanted him to accept the loss of his sister. However, she also hoped that he would say yes, for she wanted to help him, in any way she could.
         Caleb nodded. "Ok, I will meet you there." He told her, with a wishful smile. He felt as if he was one step closer to finding his little sister. He quickly gave her another hug, and then took his seat again.
         Jennie hugged him back, and then sat down next to him. She thought that her being close to him would set his mind at ease, and help him to calm down and cheer up a bit.
         Mrs. Rulliano, who had been standing there in shock the entire time, snapped out of her sort of trance like state. She assigned her students to table group projects. "The people sitting at your table with you, they are your group mates. Each table is one group." She explained. "I want each group to make something that makes people happy." She told them all with a smile.
         Jennie quickly stood up. "I'm our group's captain." She said as if she were a queen. "We will make this." She then reached into Caleb's shirt pocket, and pulled out a picture of Angela. She knew Caleb had the picture there, because he always had the picture in his shirt pocket. "We will make a sculpture of Angela."
         Caleb brightened up. "Aww, thanks Jennie." He told her. Even though it reminded him of Angela, it still made him feel as if she would be right there when they were done. He turned around and grabbed a rather large block of clay from the shelf, and set it on their table, for them to start working.
         After about an hour, Caleb and Jennie's group of four had made the basis of their sculpture. They had made the shape of a little girl with a pony tail. They made sure to make sure there weren't any air bubbles, for they didn't want it exploding in the kiln, when they were done.
         Caleb smiled as he made her face into a smile. He always loved to see her smile, and it made him smile, just her smile. "This looks great guys." He told them as he finished her face and then looked at their work. They had gotten her perfect, down to the last detail.
         Jennie was a bit confused. "Um Caleb? Why did you want us to make that outfit on her?" She asked him that, because it was the very outfit Angela had been wearing, when she vanished.
         Caleb looked at Jennie and sighed. "It was her favorite outfit. Besides, it looks cute on her." He smiled.
         Jennie, who was happy that Caleb was cheering up, smiled as well. "She does look cute in it." She then carefully picked up Angela's sculpture and set it on a wooden cart, and wheeled it to the kiln.
         Caleb followed her and helped her set the sculpture into the kiln. He then closed it and turned it on, to bake the clay into the sculpture.
         The two walked over to the sinks, washed their hands, and dried them. They then had to sit and wait for the bell to ring.
         "Hey Caleb? Why is it that you think Angela is still alive?" Jennie asked him. She then realized what she had asked, and covered her mouth, with her hands. "Oops."
         Caleb sighed. "Jennie, let's talk about this later. Ok?" He asked her.
         She nodded, knowing that later meant after class.
         The bell rang and all the students left for their next class. Jennie and Caleb made their way to the gym, and snuck inside.
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