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Muzzy examines puberty
    The brain does not complete development  until a person reaches
    his mid twenties .. The functional lobe and parietal corners are two areas
    of the brain that don't complete development until the late teens or early 20's.
    A child's brain has many more nerve cells and connections than an adult,
    before the frontal lobe and parietal cornea mature. Children and teenagers
    can make use of these extra neurons to remember, plan and reason.
    However, the rapid hormonal development can flood their reasoning,
    leading to irresponsible behavior.

          In my youth I witness a nude girl dive into the gym pool at swimming
    class. I also saw a teenager shoot another teenager on the playground.
    The reasons for these outrageous actions were drugs and sexual promiscuity.
    The nude girl had a reputation of sexual promiscuity and drug use and the gun
    fight was over drugs and a girl.

    There was also an affair between the music teacher and his female student;
    Wanda. Wanda was 16 and the teacher was in his 40's. They shared marijuana .
    I suspect the teacher would have been arrested if the parents weren't concerned
    about a drug charge against their daughter.

    Sufficive to say, teenagers are very suggestible.
    For example, Rock&Roll encourages promiscuous sex and drug use.
    If I were to suggest this behavior to a minor I could be arrested, but
    Lady Ga Ga and Madonna can.

    Experiments have been performed on the teen brain and have shown
    that it can learn quicker than adults.  Sadly, teens are more interested in
    nude swimming and marijuana.... But, that is human.


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