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Pilate's misgivings....
The trial of Jesus

Pilate's Lament

He came in triumph to our land,
Upon a donkey He did ride,
Huge palms were waved by every hand
And loud "Hosanna!" people cried.

He was a king, so He had taught,
The Son of God He claimed to be,
They said He should be brought to court;
Arrested for His blasphemy.

He stood before me meek and mild,
I found no fault in Him to try,
I offered them the thief reviled,
But they just shouted "Crucify!"

I took a bowl and washed my hands,
"I will not have His blood today!"
Then gave in to the crowd's demands
And watched as He was led away.

Was I so right to let it be,
Or feeble in both heart and limb?
I hope posterity shows me
More mercy than I showed to Him.
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