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Who listens to Ted Nugent?

        Is Ted Nugent the spoke person for wacko over the hill Rockers?

        He reminds me of my older brother,  "Guns don't kill people. I do."

        I transgress the holy seed of the old western justice,


        Every morning I awaken to the SHARK broadcast at 5:00 am.

        It's the only station I can get up here.... sucks!

        They play the same old songs, but nothing to do with Nugget.. Nugent.

        The DJ is conservative.

        He likes to talk about his taxes... for Christ sake!

        Oh, yes he has a suck up cohost....Bull Paddy.

        But, no Ted Nugent music on the golden oldies of safe Rock.

        I guess my point is "If we all took the law into our own hands; we'd

        be living in a warzone."

        What would Jesus do?

        Look at Egypt.

        Everybody has a gun and its chaos.

        I like self defense, but where do we draw the line?

        How about a truce?

        Just wishful thinkin Ted?

        Peace out!


        Bob County   
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