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We are not alone.

          "India has a population bomb ticking and so does
    Pakistan and...ehm China. . What if they used their nukes
    on their own people?" Nod scratched his antenna .

        "I've said this a dozen times. We should never have interbred
    with hominids. Those horny monkeys will be the death of us all.
    I say we turn up the volcanic activity and freeze their hairy butts."
    Blinkin twitched his six wings.

          "The United Tribes of Elementals would never allow another
    ice age." Winkin spoke from her throne as Queen of the Fairies.
    "We must find a more subtle solution." she continued, stroking her flute.

          "Let us make a Magnus. He will be a new Avatar. He will give them
    hope and new breading ... room. Perhaps, a Martian colony?  They can
    use the ore of the Moon. This ape race has many worlds before it."
    Winkin decreed and a Magnus was born.+

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