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A guide to transform the average to the beautiful
Just like a car or any vehicle needs regular maintenance to be at its best and function properly, our body is no different and this guide is meant to provide tips for a healthy lifestyle that will help any average or below average individual achieve their body's maximum aesthetic potential.
1. Start your day swallowing a small squirt of honey downed with a glass of water (after brushing teeth ofcourse)
2. Drink one bottle of ensure (helps you reach height potential)
3. Drink water and water only (comfort beverages on special occasions only)
4. Fill up on water before every meal (increases appetite surprisingly, and helps with bowel movement)(also after the meal you can rinse your mouth with a little water and swallow just to get rid of all the food remnants)
5. Pooping is super healthy!! It's natural and should not be ignored! (aids the spinal cord alignment and improves healthy growth (height))
6. Wash face regularly (use a good bar soap like dove) (helps your face look smooth and not bloated)
7. Remove milk/bread starches and white rice from diet (if tempted eat those only up to once a week)
8. No candy!! No muffins!! No bakery!! (Too many calories and carbs!)
8. Drink any herbal tea such as Lipton before you go to bed (must be hot but not scorching)(no sugar or milk added)(helps clear any remnant nuisance hanging out in your throat and keeps u from getting sick)
7. No stalling in bed, when it's time to sleep just try to fall asleep right away (you'll wake up feeling really alert)
8. Make sure your bed is comfortable so it's easy to fall asleep
9. Sleep latest 1am or you won't feel as alert the next day
10. Before bed brush teeth (brush at least twice a day and you will notice a smooth glaze on ur teeth after a while)
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