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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Death · #1951650
Cloud Atlas High

         By: Elaina Baker

Locked in my room with my demons, the darkness comforting me. I cry until I can't cry anymore...{I think to myself "what's wrong with me...why do I even let this bring me back to the ashes of the fire that used to burn inside me, keeping me happy, keeping me alive."} Apparently I have died and moved on to the worst part of hell, because nothing I do is right, nothing can make me happy anymore, I don't remember what happened for my light to burn out, but what I do remember is I was much happier before it did.

It's the first day back at Cloud Atlas High, my senior year and I already know this year is going to suck. Reason number 1: The guy I'm head over heels in love with graduated this past year. Reason number 2... okay maybe reason 1 is the only reason this year will suck but I still have to go no matter how much I want to just stay home and cry because he won't be there. I don't know I guess I'm just really nervous...oh my names Lilly by the way Lilly Elizabeth Moonstar at your service. Cloud Atlas High is a school for kids that have "psychic powers" the only problem with that is it's my senior year and mine still haven't surfaced. The teachers are always encouraging me saying things like, "You're just a late bloomer dear," or "If they have surfaced yet they definitely shine through your senior year." Well what happens if I turn out to be a normal human girl, all that teaching and money gone to waste.

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