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the article only hints on what will be in the book. let me know if you are interested
                                      DEMON'S PRAYER

After thousand of years of searching, a formally ruthless demon finds a way of becoming human in order to earn God's forgiveness so he can accept him back into heaven. However after he becomes human, the devil is anger by his achievement and sends a hunting party after him, because if other demons find out about his success, they would follow in his footsteps.
When he finds out about the devil's plan, he decided to hide out in a very humble neighborhood where he rents out a cheap apartment. There, he struggles with the difficulties of living like a normal human without any powers to use, mortality and trying to stay alive since he can now die, getting hungry and tired, physical pain and many more. Things get worse when the prayers of his neighbor start to hurt him. His neighbor a young Latin woman whose entire family was wiped out when she was ten years old by a squad of demon led by this very same demon. So when ever she prayed to God, her prayers hurt him spiritually and physically as he was now human.
With all the pain and struggling he had gone through he decided to end it all and go back to who he was before. However in order to do so he had to take the life of a pure heart. So he decides to choose the person who caused him to fall off the wagon his neighbor. He goes to her apartment to kill her, but when she opens, he is left frozen and speechless by her flawless beauty and calm, she was so kind to him when she opened that he was persuaded to change his mind. When he gets to know her more and he then finds out that he was the cause of all her pain, but he is afraid of telling her and she realizes that he can not do things normal people do so he fakes that he got into a terrible accident and lost his ability to do things, so he decides to help him learn how to live normal, they later fall in love. The devil gets furious about their relationship and decides to go after him self and in the process the girl finds out what the demon had done to her family. She runs away in shock and confusion.
Later he found out that the devil didn't want him near the girl because if she forgave him it would be his ticket to heaven. But because of the love he had for her and the human emotions of remorse he could not get himself to face her again. So he decides to give up.
The girl is in danger for her life when he gives his life for hers and later explains to her before he could die. Just before he dies she forgives him.
The devil tries to kill the girl but he protects her
The devil puts a lot of huddles in his way and tempts him to give up
The he is tortured
Some angels try to kill him too
There is a battle between angels and demons
The demon performs the prayer of light (the only prayer demons can use to talk to God and he listens) it is not audible by human ears and in a language only spoken in heaven.
A police detective (black woman) who can see demons even when they have posed a person learns of the demon that turned human and she starts spying on him. But when a group of demon try to kill her because of her ability, he saves her and she helps him find the only living priest that can act as a medium for him to perform the prayer of light.
The prayer is so strong that it shakes the ground and the entire area, causes a storm and burns things.

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