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It is a short story I wrote a ruin friendship and gang of two people.
Words did not come to ours . It is because you are found if you ask dealt the eyes of each other , what to do , what you want me to .

The fueling the cheap wine , was wooed the woman who had Nuritaku~tsu makeup. Was not something gold . Shabby suit I wore out is the battle dress of my people , it was a fight of thugs and blows Domo If you're so inclined, Sometimes the Shiteya~tsu was , and there also be thrown in the garbage reservoir , where they saw the rising sun . Body was hurt in the bruised , and even I , a guy in the face of bruises , it was awkward Well surface . It was such mon much tobacco Speaking Once made ​​in such a situation , and what is left . I We , smoked one of the two people to relish in the morning sun . And smell , which laid the garbage , smell of tobacco smoke that rises . It was all of us.


I ride the Benz . Sheet soft body like a woman is is equipped is in , I'm perched on it . The next , a woman shame sits also super model . It is an excellent secretary .


"I was going to listen to the next appointment "

"There dined with Wang after one hour "

"Is propitiatory old man "

" The thing that was decided in the board of directors "

Close the notebook , secretary reschedule long legs .

" Plan the following if after one hour , It looks not have time to it."

I embrace the secretary . Not even hate . That doing so 's the work . I grab the breast soft many times of the sheet is perched .

" President ...... "

" Shut your mouth "

I knew . While embraced the secretary , I have felt something cold . That passion like time is , does not remain in me anymore . About , I got all that available at gold . There is also a position that even what is possible. But 's it . Skin touch the skin , I feel something warm . It 's they've unlike anything I truly want .

" It is a time of consolidation is now."

Desk like Convincing the bed or mahogany . While fit in a chair , soft enough to say that it might be of is shrouded in cloud , wrap around the body , I hear the story of Han .

"We were able to become independent from the organization . I have to think about expanding the scale this time "

" So , do not sell face to One"

The company of ours , not only in front of the company 's mob . Compared to the first-class mob like one , it's surpassed , such as fly blows . Can I say a newborn baby .

It " is likely . Independence that freshly , gonna be an Enemy is around other words . Backing should choose carefully "

" One- why ? "

" ...... Long time ago , at that time , was in the jail . President that has sold face"

" I see "

Han , me good to me . It is natural . I We have been doing well for a long time . Guy also thinks so .

" I'll take an appointment three days later "

" Ask "

Feeling a sense of collapse somewhere , I get off the Benz with his secretary . It will confirm the appointment , get on the elevator . The below glass , building twinkling neon is flickering . It seems that climbs to the heavens at all. After that there are God , and I wonder if looking down in such a mood .

" He keeps a Iiki "

" Backing of Mr. Wang , I is needed for the company now."

The " know . It's not over there "

Release the eye from the ground , I re- tighten the tie . Door opens . Office of the high ceilings . Not welcomed . I'm a lowly Compared to one . He is licked .

" Mob also be good to eat a year old , to be a fool of people do It looks allowable"

I kicked the floor of marble winded sarcasm . I have found that there is no reason to scratch in such a thing . Theory does not change children 's and knead the Dada .

" Do you smell or what ...... "

Nose secretary seemed to work a lot . Come to think of it , smells like iron plate rusty wafting . Funny . The unbecoming in neat office . I was pushed open the big door .

"Do not look ! "

If you push back the secretary , was closed once the door was about to open . Hell had spread inside . One was dead . Would have been hit the guard perhaps , is also a large build man . Head you are blown away , fluid in brain and blood was wet the tempered glass .

" Dead "

" ...... Wang It is large executive of Blue Dragon Kai No way "

" But , I'm dead "

Remove the tobacco from the back pocket of the coat , I was set on fire . Hand with a cigarette was trembling . To what you say secretary , there is no mistake . Guy who does not know the name of the one in the mob guys in this country is diving . Open sloppy mouth , that one is , is Koto-gire .

"What happened on earth . Here "

" You can not come only in the elevator we came on board . At least , this floor , that Mr. Wang had been killed before the coming of us "

Dropping the cigarette on the floor of marble , I was outraged . Anyway , looks good You had better get out of here . I see the number of display elevator . Has been up . There is no escape . Damn door open . Men with guns . No time to say something , blink gunshots roar is muzzle flash . I jump into the shadows by having a secretary .

I pull out a gun Aru closed one order in court . I pull the trigger . Bullet bore chest and legs , the hands of men . Sound of tempered glass to rupture rip ear . There is no longer young . Arm to body trembling , and I feel the pain , such as those cast in the needle to the ear .

" Damn "

" President ! "

Secretary support me . Body touches . It's still cold so as not to know that my body is warm .

" Ear seems to have numbness "

I'm not young . But the spirit was left with the energy to be the I'll move in the same way as when young . Body is not Tsuiteika .

" ...... To the hospital "

The " a different hospital ? Destination 's not there."

I feel to put a cigarette , as it took lot of time has been . Tinnitus had subsided , but the trembling of the hand does not stop . When you play it with your left hand by force , I acted tough as possible .

" Go back to . 's 'll Get out here right now "


There was no money for me us . I earned at work stingy . I turned the head a little , but did not have it in Hou . In a poor talker , you can Toroku smoked , it was gentle . I think for the woman , Hou 's than me it was Mote .

In any case , only that there was nothing for me us that's for sure . Each other , did not have only each other . So , thinking of each other as well , aims also did not change against . Become rich . Become a rich man , with a sense of good woman , I drink good wine . While tilting the cheap wine , I we talked about it all the time. If you think now , perhaps there was no attachment or gold , or woman , to drink up there Hou . Just always have a smile , had the atmosphere mysterious somewhere . It was received in The women also . When it comes to a woman , I did keep my get spilled to the arrangement method.

The work was only maid of thugs . The dubbing video tapes pirated , and turn over . Crackdown becomes severe , I run away . There was also that you have miss that bribed occasionally . I we were doing well . Did not intend to end one's life in the work of thugs , and like the woman is able to Hou , I , wanted to have a household . I , had to go on . On top of that , it 's pulling up the Hou . To slip Toro now as ever , had to also hopefully and executives of the organization Hou . I was hoping to each other , be happy . As a means , when I should be so , I did not trusting .

Was not already driver . No, the car had gone somewhere already . Will not need to know the whereabouts , but there was no doubt that it is still afford to stand still as it is , this place will be Ninomai his .

" Let's call a taxi "

" Yeah "

If you take a taxi , how the police car to rush as if Mihakara~tsu went away . The deployment of after this , I already know the answer . I was Kakimushi~tsu the head . Why was such a thing . The simple because they are targeted , and the shot gun was also his inadvertent If you think now . Probably , it would have been that it was shot a gun in that room that just me .

It is orchestrated everything . My other than by someone .

" Anyway , let's get back to the company"

" I know "

And " Do you come here upset "

" It looks so "

" You can see it if you let me served as secretary five years "

" You are the person who does not come with is just to good . Loss "

" This five -year , there was no mistake on the judgment of the president "

The secretary replied indifferently while looking out the window .

"It should be so in the future "

" Do not think , but just as there is no absolute in business , it's not absolutely on the judgment of the people"

On the judgment of the " human , results of the numbers does not involve always . Correctness that can not be aimed at the pros and cons also exist . In sometimes numbers be accompanied by much on the contrary, it is a mistake from the perspective of others Xiang "

" Sophistry Na also a good cousin "

"I showed up to the answers needed for president "

" I see "

Secretary smiling thinly , I have not issued a word any more . It was good in it now . Excuse someone wanted . Something pathetic excuse of a man beyond the forty -year-old .

Without even hit a pothole , especially taxi , was arrived to company . Modern building of ten floors. From office he set up in a room of multi-tenant building , became larger each time you get ahead in the organization , it's my castle . There is no pick-up if there always . There is no pick-up in the office of one I can understand . But , do not have it in the company of their own , it was obviously abnormal , even when viewed from the usual convention .

No, only one person only has come to meet .

It is a row of officers of the company . Man you have me well from the time that I had to imitate things thugs still , and gave me the assistant well still thus position is reversed .

" President "

" Do not trouble . 's Wax , guys ...... other place like this to the officers "

" I'm sorry ...... president , have to apologize to Anta "

I got out of the taxi . Wax and secretary followed it .

" Mr. Lowe . What happened on earth "

"I say ...... briefly . Anta company no longer think things Anta "

" What?"

" If you say exactly , was acquired . Shares have the I'm a thirty percent share of fifteen percent . Anta . Otherwise , it was all bought "

"I skip it a joke "

" I do mon to say something joke . Moreover such a malicious joke "

If you show a tearful look no Toshigai , wax wiped his face and pulled out a handkerchief . Lowe was called to the demon , is also age like petting the grandchildren in old days . Fact itself in the world of mobsters that was to survive there , worthy of praise . In the face of increased wrinkles of wax , eyes bloodshot as ruby looked .

" It is a bastard and a half. Did you want Ya effort to purchase tools that bastard , behind the scenes . Board of directors as well as around the guy , was it went decided the resignation of Anta "

As was Bun'nagura with a hammer , my head was shaking for a moment . Han . I gave us well until now . I also reward guy . Why . Did not know . Thinking up the vortex , despair not settled began to bounce in the brain .

" Lowe 's "

The moment of the next , it was supposed to feel a strange calm . It has been found , such as when you lose blood and blood was collected though , heat 's went missing from her own body . I was going had modeled myself , heat the last out .

It " s not just it . I was being . Saddle that one was dead ...... . Definitely first , you are in my fault "

And without looking up in silence , wax was clutching a handkerchief . As mob to this years , I also , I'm going 've seen ups and downs well . And that the man who walked off the wind shoulders swagger is part of a garbage in the trash the next day was also quite common . If you look at such a thing always , I was something that laughed nose . I had sneeringly and I shall not oh . Where the value exceeds forty , I felt ready to be revised somewhat the folly .

It may be expressed hoary , but the past he came to recover the put of until now . I did not try to know the limits should fall as low . I was thinking that it would climb on forever . My lost heat , it was the last goal . But it is , he was nothing less than to mere arrogance . The day is " pay the attached " that I was thinking it would come one day , it came at last . I , I was able to do is recognize it , and settle down with nature .

" Lowe 's . Ask her . 's Just my secretary . She 's only relationship of it."

The secretary was silent . She 's the Job is being in love in the company . I 've only destination so . But more than this , I could not imitate such involve her .

The " found . Me to somehow that her "

" I'm sorry "

Lowe , has been pressing for a second bag to me at the end . Against his momentum does not say whether , it was not possible to indicate rejection .

The " me with . The thing of you. It's slightly , gold also contains "

Lowe was a friend . He was a friend . I did not think I would bet any more junk in the row . Anyway , this world is full of enemies . I have lived to believe so , to pick a fight in the world itself when young . It also is , and he was to be just came back .


Was a favorite woman in Hou . Does not suit the unvocal guy , it was beautiful . Such was chasing desperately ours at the time did not have the money , it is not a mass of lies that were hardened and filled with foundation , it was also a woman of a pretty image . In fact , it was not a human alive in the darkness as ours . It was ordinary college student respectable .

Have you ever met her once I . Hou while shy , I was chatting with her in a coffee shop . If you look from me to know him well from the old days , it was a scene that would laugh . It was a scene which is viewed from outside the window , what ─ ─ seems to have been named the woman ─ ─ Isabella and law did not talk at that time , there is no reason to know do now . However , at that time I was always together with Hou , and I was thinking just to be successful and Hou . Hou also , as it or not wanted , some also have succeeded to work together . I was young we were and again things like Teppodama with a gun . There were also several times that it was dying rather than raw wound . But , I always dream still grab the gold are big someday , to become a Big , was the treatment the best medicine .

There was a head for me , but did not have it in Hou . I came to be entrusted with the mental work among the organization unawares . Hou , worked as a hitman . Words Nante Hitman was only bluff . Kill the opponent over the life and death , what you are doing is that 's it . I was not the same as Teppodama .

I came to be entrusted with the management of front companies owned by the organization . Hou , had his life yet . That ours is a drink together , or you can chase a woman also , it became gradually reduced unawares .

And dropped in on a back alley , I was the day after tomorrow the second bag perched on a garbage pail of iron , high-grade coat of dirty also anyway . Sunglasses with round lenses , Beretta F92 is Itcho . Tens the bill of rubber band stop . Wax , What a gold who just scraped desperately . If you stick to the inside pocket of the coat all , the sunglasses , I was back to smoke again .

What 's become big .

Forever so as to moss silly myself , I let out a muffled laugh . And I cursed myself . God is stay in this world , then if you are determined by the note or something by the name of fate all , will not even human , which is the dance dance well so far . God seems to like to drop kick a man who climbed the ladder very much . No , if all is he a pre-established harmony , I he continues to climb the ladder yet . And , when it reaches the climax , it 's going to drop kick and tries the moment . So I'm alive .

" Shucks "

I sandwiched belt and gun in the coat , the gun was in the second bag . There are only enemy From this point on . Gone the other side . I 've been living alone from one point in time . Was young . I believed that the fight of his , be rewarded someday . I believe there is something killing fight , the opponent , it is possible to obtain something someday . However , it was only made ​​a castle stacked bricks of suspicion .

Honor . Gold . Lover . What was to me once , not Ya still remain one now .

" I'll had ! "

The "It's here , and play around ! "

Roar of men . Gunshot sounds to answer instead . I pull out a gun two weapons . Right hand , left hand . It was good from the time it was earning money on killing , and only spread of the bullet . 9 mm bullet that was shot to 3 shot eyes pierced the leg of the other man is the eighth , the heart of man . If no escape . The informal Noh play a gun belt , I started running without our laboratory .

Neon billboard sparks . The rain had started to fall . I think snorting feeling bask in the rain of mud mixed is , and , Na look good together a lot . It was wearing a coat was the right . I escape to the main street . Trash was dumped from the garbage pail of iron rolls , boulevard not popular . No, some popularity . We thugs bad pattern , are lined up with a gun . Our employees of our company that familiar . Man to wade through the crowd , pointed an umbrella come out one person .

" Han "

" It would be nice Is so . Can just go to not run away "

There is a debt that I shall return to my guy . I have been living in very hard to try to return it . Same clan or thinks me . I do not know . There were proud of , has been doing well . I've been turned away an eye on that it is not true .

"One 's dead I heard . This town , if you kill the guy who killed . One swaying large, and to seize the opportunity I . ... Will become even executives , you 've got in the way now ."

"The one who killed it Who ? "

It was a legitimate question . It is a question that you know the answer also . It is only a stupid foolish question . Han , curled lips just a little bit under the umbrella .

" But . Na Come on , you die "

I pulled out the gun . And right hand , the left hand .


The killing executives hostile organization , Hou , entered the prison . I remember well , Isabella is was Nakiharashi all night . All night . I could not also be what to do to her . I did not go with Magarinari also not put a hand to her best friend .

Hou 's came out , it was when it was passed ten years . I remember well was each other laugh each other , the wrinkles had increased . In the sense of a long time , I feel we are in , such as when you return to those days , you can feed to the city at night , and drank like really old . I did not inspire a woman . I was not the lack of principled like the old days already . Hou , wanted to see Isabella . Month of decades long , Isabella was dead and hung his head . I did not know why Whether it dead . Hou did not say anything while holding the glass . I was laid on the executive of the company law without hesitation to the next day .

Since then , ours goes wrong decisively . Hou , worked without shaking also Wakime . It was the same I of course , but I law and there is that different decisively . Papers, and there is nothing to lose anymore . The Endeavor is or was observed , Hou came to be reckoned with in the organization .

That ours is drinking liquor , and chase the woman lost at last . Position was reversed soon . Hou began to serve as the company representative , I was resigned to the position of executive officer . I we became big . Without gnawing the jerky you do not know and liquor to the chemical smell , of Where region , it has become Dakeru relish liquor and real , a woman with a pure beauty with no pure .

S time , it . When do the mote that such an opportunity . Responsible each mission is given ours . Is there such a time . If there is such free time , do you should not think that I win the guy . The brain of me, was not only about money and priorities . Of course , that of two people and was driven away in a corner .

Ours goes wrong . Once upon a time , ours was one of two people . Now , it has become a complete different thing . It still good if you are just it . As a result of very hard that you forget the past, live in the present , there is no time to think about the time he was gone .

Ours was changed .

It is not a positive change in any way . It is a relationship that collapsed , to corrosion , deteriorated. Hou also , I also , of passion at that time does not remain . I had the idea that from time to time . That passion , such as when or not to come back and also , if it is possible at the expense of either of ours , feed ~ to the flames . In at that time you did not have anything to me other than us , ours is , or not than go back .

I We , he must change .

I ran the way I came . Enemy 's are milling around ten people over the street. To die if Tsukkome . The man who jumped out and pull the trigger without mercy . The jump over the man who became a piece of meat in no time , I run . Dull pain as the knife pierces is the offal strikes me . Waist is aching and throbbing . I have put .

By the time he killed the 8 th , I did not know where what to running . If you notice , the church is built in front of the eye . To compliment , not likely to accept the alms God , it's church decayed .

"Do it great "

I and Ru Hitorigochi , and throw away the cigarette fire disappears when wet , remove the one last book , was set on fire . I mashed crumpled the box . The lung , cigarette smoke because it was so not wanted , was to just add the rest.

Footsteps of guys , are scattered water to the city at night .

" Rest or five people ...... "

I shed the barrel of a gun on the forehead . I did not bring myself to pray to God at this late hour . I , kill Han . If you do not repentance to God to kill best friend . It was nothing less than that is not a prayer , to beg for forgiveness .

" Come out , Hou ! "

Voice of Han sounds .

" I do to settle ! "

Han , are afraid of me . Having said so , the guy would probably deny . Even if I cast out from the company , can not be peace of mind by itself . Someday , to illusion I will come to kill . Continue . Then Han , I mean have a bad night life .

Will from time. I think , as I did not know that I our old , lacking the suspicion against each other . That was just immersed in the sea of suspicion and scheming long , do you would change like this .

Door of the church is open . Man with a shotgun jump out . I squeeze the trigger of the Beretta right and left without mercy . They dance the dance bout , man became a corpse of miserable hole full .

Three men are Korogarikomi to the plow, the cross and stained glass , pipe organ burst open in the bullet . The Korogarikomi in the shadow of the chair that people who came to hear the preaching once would have sat down , and out of there only meters from the wrist , I squeezed the trigger . It was not a matter whether hits , but apparently took the life of one man unfortunately , screams were muffled heard .

Suddenly , I touch the belly . Was wet . It is natural , because he ran in the rain . But , it 's red What do you mean . Before I knew it , I seemed to have been hit by bullets . If you jump out literally from the shadows of the chair , I will continue to squeeze the trigger , even while being in the air as of old . The hit to the two men that were left .

Dusty , my body is thrown out on the floor of the church to the smell rusty red . Blood is still flowing . Illusion life is like that spills out around round and round in front of the eye .

"Law "

"Is Han "

Han was unarmed . The Reach into the chair , I will stand up . Have gone missing power . Probably , it will not return again .

" Tsukaeyo "

I have passed the Beretta left hand . I feel like I saw for the first time in a long time , the face of Han did. Thunder against the inside of the church , wrinkles carved deeply , face of a man tired floated in the darkness .

" Uteyo , in the organization . Would want to be on . Boss Han , in this country , would I want to go on to more "

The " yes. As . Man you want to go up more , it's a matter of course as a mob . ... I , kill , and you "

It was a voice like squeezing out . I had a gun to Han . Han also aimed a gun at me . Mexican stand-off . Should I squeeze the trigger to destination , survive .

" Throughout my ...... I wish Hou . , I did this happen why . What I was wrong . Drinking good wine , ours is , I just wanted to hug a good woman"

" It was orchestrated by the killing of one is it ...... I say such a thing at this late hour . Would be you , I , die anymore "

I , to show Han left hand that was holding the belly . The left hand was covered in blood .

" Uteyo , if so Han . , You're not achievement . Big that he will have taken the revenge of one . ... Up more "

Han did not say anything more than that. However , only the muzzle was shaking and stiff . I feel a long time as too did. Sound similar to thunder roared , but the light has not reached from outside the window . My power is ... Schleuse completely , I was rolling around on the floor of the church dusty again .

" Hou Hou ...... ! "

Voice of Han is . It is a nostalgic voice .

" ...... To ...... Seems Like Old Times me a cigarette "

If you remove a cigarette from the bosom , suck it, and hold the writer with a shaky hand , Han , set fire . I let suck in my mouth , it . Ours was poor , had smoked one of two people in order to save the tobacco bill , at that time .

" ...... This one in two people ...... looks "

The vision hazy , there was a figure of Hou . I can not see the other face . I feel in my face , like a drop of water fell was . Time to see if there was why it was not left for me .

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