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Love Poems of Missing you!
I close my eyes at the docks,
listening to the wonderful sounds of the waves.
The wind blows by whispering your name into my heart.
And I just cant help,
So I must shout,
That my heart is yours to always keep!
Hoping one day you will hear,
My voice calling in the wind.
Then as moments later pass,
I hear your voice in the wind,
whispering into my ear.
I look around,
hoping it is you calling to me.
With no luck of finding you,
I look upon the water.
tears falling from my eyes.
I wonder when you will return,
As I start to look up from the water,
I call your name,
one last time.
Still no answer.
With eyes full of crystal tears,
I feel arms wrapping me tight.
I turn around just to find nothing there,
but the emptiness of my heart.
Crying a river is all I can do,
hoping for your safe return.
Crying till the end of time,
for tears are all I have left.
I look one last time into the water,
A face appears,
it is yours.
I turn around one last time,
and there I see,
someone from afar,
coming closer and closer.
As the figure becomes clear,
I see it is you.
As I smile with tears of joy,
I run to you with a never ending hug,
that I hope will last forever.
So never leave me,
Ever again!
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