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Movement meters mastery to the expectation of appreciation. Time ruling out the initial thought. She loves me? Nay... terror proclaims not. Why so distraught? Caught in the tear inspiring tirade of inhumane incivility? Chivalry dead to years that dread every achieved equal right. Narcissus in full bloom; that son you loved lost to the gloom of certain, obvious, superior traits? Never the sentient mind that waits to be seen? Thinking only of your corruption in dream, the mean, making destitute, spiritually, reality? Fathoming never that dreams are kin of plans... Therefore he reprimands for fictition, his addiction betrayal's pains, confliction, that have become his every reason why. Brainwashed beyond Hitlerian, begging of truth to die... "din't she love me?"... Mothers lullaby begotten of the grandest heart. Yet the words are the words? Nonliving when set apart? Neurotic disposition? Pathological has to start. Genesis. Metaphysical ineptitude? Gazing at you I am... Woman... Man... Amen.

"Mystery? Desirous Defense."

Mechanism of defense?
Rejection, anger, rage...

The social animal is on fire
With frailty's demand
For interdependence.
Fellow man or woman
To be a friend
As this empowers resilience.
Together is evolution's strength?
Therefore the enforcement
Of standard
That the insane,
The out of touch
Might manipulate...
Thus the fate
Of one to many
A holy identity;
Lost to the fanaticism
Of "By The Infinite"
To desperate determinations...
Virgin sacrifice
To enchant celebrations
Of rain?
Ignorance causing mindless
Our disdain
From which we must refrain
To grow.
Within was always the truth,
We can no longer play the
"Didn't know".

Janet Jackson: I Get Lonely.

"His and Her Homoerotic Place?"

Masculine Prowess...

Invest only into
The face that jest
Sentient beyond
Sleeping rest?


Neither she
Nor thee?

Unaware of even thine self
Whatever could another be?
Or become?

The numb less erratic dumb
Of the hum drum
That keeps
A tormented beast to violent peeps?

May the human soul
That true weeps
Say not a thing...

Much of the strain and drain
Is inspired by the pain
Of this vain
Breaking your heart?

Sacrament lost to rejection
Of the beloved fellow...

The start from the start
Of rigormortis
Ripping self and society
Tormentingly apart?

Reflections of mind...
In marriage?

Stroll the bastard
In a carriage
To grab the alimony checks
For the wrecks made of home...

From here Holy Divinity has flow
For we not keeping all such in mind?

Dogma a tramp...

Mindful practice best
Religiously defined.
Self metered to math
And logically timed.


Angel: Sarah McLachlan

Dawns Light in Mind.

Sure that my intentional investments do not estrange me from entirety, the whole that every identity belongs to, I move in a more humble fashion in seeking to understand; never permitted to be defensive for no reason, to be insane. All that can shall... Only against physical detriment, which mental illness causes, should I be on guard. Per spiritual, Lucifer, Nemesis, is mental illness, or ill begotten, causing strife; therefore I mind myself introspectively, I clean my internal space and plan interaction according to what awareness knows of as greatest good. Every human life is sacred, every human life is holy, nothing is separated from God our reality; every feeling, every thought, has great meaning and should be embraced with the same guard earlier mentioned. Preaching reiteration... Organization is not control, it is cultivation, shepherding, a gentle encouraging through logic of the best; organization is not a tormenting stress but my ability to be a blessing. Toil is never external though its true nature may be, through fellows, a calamity; it is an indwelling defensive spirit that should never reign as master and mold human affairs... Current state of the social stratum? Cultural evolution takes us where? Only God and deity would care, all else would just be and in man perhaps be mistaken. Amen.

"Love in Foundation."

Awe and appreciation
Blossoming into the,
In time,
Fulfilled manifestation
Of glorification
Free from the stress of frantic,
At peace,
Love is the release of self
And all such concerns
To radiate the humane fire
That burns
Like a sentient star
This The honest spark
Of the true lover,
Be thee not beguiled.
Cronus transcending every moment?
Confused onto wild?
Individuated Identity Aware!?
The capacity of awake
That does care.
Amen Elohim, Amen.

Wonder Logical Mutations?

Shifting. Childish changing of the channels becomes the co-write such always was, via psychoanalysis understanding. Mutable with the vivid of awake? Ouch! I've burnt my finger, reality blister-less, yet the bite is there felt? "So this is in my mind"? Whilst curiosity does pelt mine dream-scape with query and, never weary, mine dream responds. We a harmony of songs all my mind composed, mostly by those intricate expressions often not iterated by day. All that I would say a sleeping throng of unexpressed beauty in masses of minute details. Feelings of the philosophy. So so the entrails of every articulation? Escaping Babylon! The war-lorn and worn nation of inconsideration to tumultuous idiocy. Never will I let it be, this sea of dreams the master of me through perfect equality ever becoming. The engines are running until it is done. Dawn of rising. Life giving warmth of sun. Become. Amen.



The traveling of galaxies is true a terrifying task? Asking the question who are you and shedding the mask to articulate a genuine understanding into but, and your selfish, tongue? Karma in every curse like silken webs of iron spun. The ladies are just for fun when all that has become is abomination of a lax mind void of even peace? God the cosmos does speak his release from heights, symbolic plights, that, like the humbling infinite, subordinates all that must learn? "Name thee the fruits of the garden whilst for Lucifer I will take my turn?" Beguiling those perverse perceptions of yearn we overcome by transcending the burn of want; death is not? Appreciative love never distraught for being tied taut by preservation's constriction. Indeed addictions affliction is desire for the first commandment whilst not wishing to walk the path, with abortion being the aftermath of the self unseen; to not keep a moment holy is to promise that murder is all that we will redeem and the making unclean of all people? Diamond of the steeple and the shepherds communal repose, a curse to even those whom do not rightly mind we personal responsibility? "Now isn't silly to suffer forgiveness our insult the tumult but a demand to you your ability embrace." True a terrifying face the boundless of time and space. Serenity's calm the only balm to cultivate in legislate. Debate first your state then find meter to measure. Democracy free through we. Amen.

Melissa Etheridge: Silent Legacy.

"Crystal Methodology."

Crystal methodology
"HUMAN ME!" ...
Appreciative of human beauty
Ignorantly thought condemned
Though only mediated
To most beneficial humanity
Via psychological propriety,
Guarding mentality
From likeness
Unto beast.
We all despise the degradation
Of Demi-God
Only to fall prey
To the degrading judgement
In "despise".
Here I open mine eyes
To the discourse of Christ...
Love is never wrong...
Though perceptions
May lack respect into perverse?
The path of wisdom,
The tour of the hearse
In sacred verse...
Know thine self!
Crystal methodology...
Desperate for despised
Trauma empowered psychology
Screaming for human aide
Like rape!
The landscape sown
And grown
For the future to reap!
So I weep...
I weep.

Melissa Etheridge: Silent Legacy
The Crystal Method: Weapons of Mass Distortion

( Do you know that persons feed others particularly traumatizing substances they promote as aphrodisiacs in an attempt to convince others of homoerotic tendency for benefit of self righteous justification. Really what is happening is Psycho-Dynamic and physiological traumas inspiring sentient social beings to evoke sympathetic aide from fellows via symbolic language often misunderstood. The drunken harlot is not releasing the repressed desire to be a harlot but is a traumatized being begging for medical aide as best as conscious awareness permits. If you have children tell them "your welcome" for me. Amen.)

Commandment Six.

Worry not. Forgiveness, with you, is. Compassion! Wisdom applauds every one that lives with/in memory. Anger management does proclaim, "we all make mistakes, and so from such refrain to never maim per vain!"! Broken TARGETING systems marking serenity (mistake!), or sorrow, as feebleness that lives the same insane? Zeroing in on the "weaker" to defend Democratic America? Infinities holy name we do inflame, "what song to sing tomorrow?"? Another betrayed Mary's crucifixion to borrow, to pang? The gang to rape! Abominortion?! Slow consumes this eternity that reigns in judgement! We all make mistakes. Biblical the crime despite your own hell-rakes? Fakes? Sorry for you does sing. Wisdom's highest intonement. Glisten your diamond ring? Plathing... Amen.

Melissa Ethridge. Scarecrow.

Commandment Seven.

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto the inhabitants thereof."? What is this to love? Life lived transcendently? The morbid and the macabre. The loss of sane perceptivity. Liberation is a mind celebrating divinity. The holy trinity. Infinite personage complete. Democratic mastery and the propensity to Epictatian in speak. The weak? Those whom our ignorance does inspire to fall? Artistic responsibility and the holy spirits benevolent call? Come one come all, embrace your fellow man. Have thee the eyes that see? Forever shifting sand? Yes I am, a spirit to befriend. Our land? Life lived ever bravely. What is it to be? Self into the love of we! Holy your trinity? Amen.

Melissa Ethridge: Yes I Am.


Feel love? Great mystery that liberates we from frivolous idiocy. Sex dominating the sentient hierarchy of divinity? Indeed, even "homosexuals" have found a "cure" for rivalry in traumatic injury; smashing the faces of those Christian boys to spite reality? Nose of thine face, per trauma, not condemned though condemning. As in the beginning... Body a vessel until self does start transcending. Winning above the sinning that degrades human life ever defending such grace. Bitter as betrayal the taste! More than body man is will of Demi-God. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving in my offering. Amen.

MAXI PRIEST: Close To You.


Desires via Traumatic. (Metric Haiku)
Innate social tendency empowers,
The needing and wanting of mutual understanding from ones human fellows.
The desert mirage to tantalize thirst.

Freudian Narcissus. (Metric Haiku)
Biblical self-righteousness true revealed.
Denial of respectful perceptions for benefit of self defense insane.
Destroying the golden calf for right mind.

Narcissus Beyond Freudian. (Metric Haiku)
Loves glory true my resolute standing.
Founded in "most beautiful" I will not trade fulfillment for frivolous  pleasure.
The still pond reflects heavens paradise.

"Image Lacking Truth?"
Protect the idea,
No matter the limits stifled;
At even the cost of sane humanity?
Where ever shall thine fulfillment be?
Lost to the decree
Of perfect sentience nonexistent
Despite reality?
Violent hostility
Though limits but safeguard we
The active partakers
Of holy trinity?
Awe-inspired appreciation
To never grow in love
For benefit of only vanity?
And they label causality
As irresponsibility
Despite the proclivity
For mental fragility
To be overwhelmed,
So much as judge,
To disability?
Profanity a stench like unto
As such is the frame
Of the ideology
That here does reign
Via theology;
Dead for being divorced
From realities cosmology...
Stone idolatry?
The infinite encompasses me
Empowering the harmony
Of interconnected
Praising the divinity
That is life
To serenity.
Defense must see
Mediation logically.
Highest Scientology
To thrive on
Commandment five's
All deity!
Amen Elohim. Amen.
May it be!

Natural. (Metric Haiku)
Bondage to being ever so fleeting,
Greatest strength always its own weakness in the arms of loves human experience?
Wind blowing freely as life's breath breathing.

Echo of the Monkey and Mule.
Aphrodite appreciate the life that he is,
Though the effect to be?
Coping sadomasochistically,
Standard sub-human survive?
Void of flourish and thrive?
Yet ever lost
To desire in want?
Every commandment,
I and we
Sharing the firmament
Of the sea;
Confront the vast
Of influence
We love despite loathe
And keep holding on?
Alas peace the release
And ending
For every abomination
He did not betroth
To glory the son.
In the rape of war
Only death
Has won?

Bj√∂rk:  Pagan Poetry.

Wisdom's heart sacred
The keep entrusted to life.
My brothers Abel?

I did not kill one
But two.
The liar insane
That prompted you,
And the liar
That within you
But a trash
Of ignorant value.

Michael. (Metric Haiku)
You found ways to define eternity,
Only for the self, the player, who chose its life eternally per its effect.
Monuments memory everlasting.

"Religious Wounding?"

Individuation refused for socialization,
Equivalency of psycho-dynamic mental retardation?

Eternal life is fact per effect,
Yet the masses elect to trade fulfillment of belief,
For belief,
For control,
Ever frustrated?

The toll does grow
As insane illogical
Claims the mind.

Eden a tale of romance,
You'll findWith little work.

The spirit body in karma
More than a religious perk
But true condition?

Every law I do mention
And protest satisfied.


Psychosis is fame.


Of the Same?
Innate mutual understanding of like identifying with like.
Appreciative of self in same or so the same as.
Traumatized by confusion, condemnation the inter-relation.
Desperate to show commonality in the identity other has?

This is the tyrant trampling the good in natures song.
Deepening the wound by professing truth as abomination.
Indeed we understand another via resemblance.
Whilst ignorance inspires casualties inflation.

On every side.

Our first commandment honored,
Indeed this leads the way.
The second commandment governs,
Right perception as light of day.
Introspection and contemplation,
Empowers honest say.
Whilst remembering the map
To never fall astray.

Is it romantic love always permissible?
Per conflict and natures dynamics...
Mostly nay!


Innate mutual understanding of like identifying with like.
Appreciative of self in same or so the same as.
Freed from traumatized confusion in acceptance of sentience aware.
Every human identity is the identity the other has.

This is peace singing the good in natures song.
Deepening the bonds by professing truth in inter-relation.
Indeed we understand another via resemblance.
Whilst understanding transcends to war, rapes, cessation.

Amen Elohim, Amen.

Brothers Keeper.
I sold you out. Today's sorrow, your dreams of the morrow, neurotic and transfixed per inconsideration instructing via viciousness your sentient sensitivity to, inconsideration. Every moment becoming like unto inflation spiritually for you refuse to see the trusted beloved as wrong. Their own inhumanity now the grievous song swelling in you chest to the rapist climax that but jest, masculinity. Eros and Psyche? Infinity's eternity? But forgotten for the proof that makes manhood known? Flown that kite to a greater height so a child might lead you home. Mystery Medusa the crone holding Christ? Once, twice, thrice and wouldn't it be nice to breathe your breath alone and free of the traumatic injury that does postpone manhood. Indeed that venomous cult society NAILED you good, your God but WOOD dead to the mourning. Blossoming the becoming of every seed sown? Karma? "Daddy you beast leave perfection on its own!", whilst becoming becomes master of the soul-mind named HOME. Amen Elohim, Amen.

Eve: Love is Blind.

"Brake" to In.
Protecting her from the spirit of dark nights circumstance I protest to freedom in her stance via serene, peaceful, "letting go"; let not the moon control the flow or what ye sow, its light but reflections low. Though I know Galaxies Infinite as I add the spiritual equation? Brothers keeper ever even my friend as I could not abandon her wanting to transcend your inconsideration and insubordination? Constellations of you, me, destroyed by the supernova of choice like a voice crying out damnation. Cosmic to infinite indeed the inflation that taxes my soul, yet the toll by all will regardless be paid as ye haven't  the wealth to luxuriously jade a single one? Fahrenheit the son that burns blind my eyes. Would a brother even attempt to defend me, via propriety, from inferno I'll not even disguise? Wisdom insist no and so I crow the black hole to sighs distraught. Brother can you defend me from you? He loves me, he loves me not... And all I've got is him? Murder we, take heed it is loves shadow that hath chosen to befriend. Mocking Abraham counting my galaxies of dead stars like deserts of sand. How to save me from myself? Brother? Amen.

Fiona Apple: Criminal. 

Legacy of the ever important "me" delighted in the burn that does yearn for a turn to egoistic tribute. Refute the dispute to come out clean. Godhood is what every human does mean in effect. The natural select never wrong per the ladies song minding we of our ignorant fantasy made insane. Twas not myself whom ever should have been the main focus but dynamic entire. Funeral pyre burning bright for not but a tragic loss for the whole lot to proclaim in grief? Death that ever mindless thief incapable of robbing heaven? Did thou remember to be vigilant of the seven that encourage such torment to inflame. I cover mine eyes and ears, the years so our disdain for ever inter-connected. Perfected pierced by the scalpel, the serrated steel of "I". In the sky birds fly as peacefully as any man could dream. Whatever does a life's value mean? Pristine to redeem all the glory breath did beget. Begotten of genesis a romantic love poem sublime. "Without her?... What is mine?..". So the better tune. Amen.

Fleetwood Mac: Dreams.

A Man?
Why can't you just admit that it's best that yesterday be laid to rest and buried in the past? Sanctimonious matrimony! You're not building anything you intend to make last beyond the glorious vast of ejaculation. A moment dead to finite time whilst infinite does define only your worth via exact calculation of disaster control. Alabaster the know that determines the grow of your soul on the balance. Bride of Osiris, loves many talents like brother Gabriel whose shadow is Lucifer rotting in hell for flippant desires expressed. Jest that test that proves your not abomination, worthless, but a man! While the sand counts down your so many crimes. Know such did not want to know you either, her memory entwines and chimes your legacy better made silent. My, my... Why so violent? Soldiers, real men, murder children every day despite the pray that shalt display one's soul to God? Fraud? Amen.

Toni Braxton: Just Be a Man About It.

Homo via Psycho-Dynamic Trauma?
Gaiety in blasphemy, anger managements relational cause. Pause and consider aesthetic appreciation confused for socio-religions condemning clause made expression defiant per natures dynamic laws. Flaws in perception encourage rebellious indiscretion; Ethridge speaks of digging claws, never silent, however, for the being merits even Gods applause? Perfection! Natural selection! The truth to the soul enthralls. Per sentient being relation demands of love to spare the fate that stalls, per traumatic injury, the harmony that to bliss lulls. Respectful our appreciative divine compliment. Amen.

Tori Amos: Sugar.

Promontory. Self in a sea of situation, call for psycho-spiritual mediation, time into time? Meditation! Psycho-emotional legislation demanded momentarily. Now? How? Maintaining health whilst empowering the greatest good? Communal happiness? All that one should and could promote. Democratic vote so much more than it seems? The plans in our dreams and all such means for humanity. Math to sanity! Variable the infinite always present! Writing eternity we strive for the pleasant. Every fraction. Amen.

Cosmic fluctuation empowering trans-mediation when the will is right to be. Meditation the endless dynamics of the quantum sea into liberty. All of being is thee, thus to covet is illogical distraught; a self that never need implore of other than insanity, is the essence of thine lot insane to deplore. Detest only the hex that is the bloodless door of life debased to never embrace respectful, appreciative, amore humanely. Such is a tragedy suffered vainly three score... Exodus does shed a serpents skin into humanity respected the more as all adore is thine self embraced. Tormented God turns his face? Disgrace to apocalyptic four. Only your friends can save you? Never ever more? Democratic core. Continuum eternity. Amen.

Celebration of but limitation per neurotic psychological fixation? Liberation? Complete denunciation of thine nature as "less than" Demi-God. Mathematical configuration of situations iteration to perfect, entire conceptualization thereof. Nature is sympathetically affectionate; appreciative. Yet the harmony of true love? Graven image not! As below so above! On the peaceful wings of a dove we empower beyond the shove that pushes to disturbed extremes. Fathom thee SENTIENT MIND, question all dreams? Understandings? In amore I do not exist? Another's bliss but showing me deity. Kiss-less the respectful taste upon mine lips. Amen

Polymer thine infinite in Father, Son, and Spirit so holy. Venus! Our time into eternity written totally, moment into moment through. Meditate the ever now is the path most promising to pursue as Demi-God is the mediate fate did imbue. Cruel to consider it is only you who carries the weight. Divine did not hesitate to negate the neurosis that does frustrate via the synaesthetic of never alone. Sacred fool traversing the crone to mastery. Less than your ability is catastrophe becoming the tapestry the depicts to adorn all of our lives. Wives of the highest sublime subliminating behaviorally just such a mind alchemically refined. Time beyond time. Amen. 

Amen Elohim, Amen...

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