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I wrote this at my Mother's after looking at the moon out the window. Around Sept. 2009

The Moon

From where I sit I can see the moon
Beautiful yet so far away
I can admire it's beauty
But it's forever out of my reach
It's like the love I seek
And the girl in my dreams

From where I sit it's light shines through the window
Soft beautiful light that has no real warmth
Just the warmth you get just being in it's glow
And knowing that somewhere she can see it too
That she might look up at the moon and think of me

From where I sit I watch it move across the window
Bathing the room in it's beams of light
It's a beautiful thing to have but it's time beside me is short
It leaves without a trace it was ever here
Like the moments I've spent with you
From where I sit I can see the moon

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