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Its the description about a dreamer whose see sky as an opportunity.
There is endless sky to fly,
there are numerous things to try,
I know the wings are not ready yet,
And there are many things on bet.

I am standing in a queue,
waiting for my dream to be true,
and test is hard to go out of this cave,
but I am not gonna give up,
because I am too brave.

With the big smile on my face,
I love every ray of light,
which escapes through that closed gate,
and that make it worth to wait.

They say, its not easy to elope,
and there are many,
who proved to be flop,
for them the gate is a test,
but for me its the way of hope.

I am not afraid of falling,
beyond that gate,
my dream is to go with sky,
on a beautiful date,
its the sky,
lying ahead of that closed gate,
who will let me try my own fate.

I will fight happily,
as no body taught me how to cry,
I will win,
because there is no option to die.
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