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A poem in memory of a relative who passed away a few months ago.
The candle burns and burns

As the smell of cider fills the silence in between

It burns and the flame flickers, flickers, flickers

In the cool October night

I watch it burn until the candle is no longer solid

But just a pool of red liquid wax

And apple cider fills the air

Thinking of days and years gone by and of those yet to come

Thinking of holidays and birthdays celebrated

And of those not yet celebrated

Of candles lit and melted and of candles not yet lit

Of apple cider and thunderstorm and Midsummer's night

Of Arsenic and Old Lace and rear windows

Of books read and pages turned and pages left unturned and stories untold

Of sweet salt air and waves crashing on the rocks

Of lighthouses casting a light out to see to guide the sailors on

Of songs sung and songs unsung

Of words unspoken when they should be said

Of words said when they should remain silent

I sit and watch the candle burn and think

I watch and think but more importantly I remember

I remember in thoughts and deeds, in words and actions

I remember the knight errant of yore riding off to face the dragon

Cowboys riding off into a thousand burning sunsets

Worlds hidden behind doors and within the walls of blanket forts

Wizards and wonder and counting stars in the night sky

Turning the radio up when a song comes on and you just know it’s yours

Dancing in the front seat, not like no one’s watching but because you don't care if anyone is

But mostly I remember

And that's enough cause that'll do when the pain lessens and the scar heals

I remember because the best thing in the world is to be remembered and to be remembered well

So I'll remember the songs sung and the roads travelled

The stories told and poems read

Flowers grown and new-fallen snows

But mostly, I'll remember so that nothing will ever be forgot

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