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Rated: E · Review · Detective · #1974271
A murder mystery set in London in 1915
Miss Hewitt investigates the Suicide by  Linda Stephenos

The setting for this story is London in 1915.  There is a war going on and England is involved.  Not everyone was in favor of the English involvement in this war. 

Miss Isabel Hewitt is a private detective.  The plot revolves around the class distinctions and social discrimination of this time period.

One of the characters is a pug named pastry.  "Pastry hoped the muffin would soon find its way into her bowl."

The story line meanders into musical talents, "the word rag has always baffled me," replied the woman. The detective has many talents some are musical.

This story wheels around the suicide of a young teacher.  There is a lot going on in this period mystery.
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