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by Taree
Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #1979799
A very short story from my creative writing class with the theme 'rebirth'. Please,enjoy.
He is about to jump off the cliff after losing every single will to live a moment ago. The woman he loves more than his own life left him breathless and hopeless. Knowing that he can never ever see her again no matter how hard he tries to seek for her till the edge of the universe; he decides to leave everything behind. As he stands lifelessly at the very tip of the cliff, he can feel the strong wind from his back, as if gently pushing him down to the depth of an endless despair. The ravens fly around above him in the limitless grey sky as if they are mocking him and his decision. The song they are singing reeks the scent of death and despair, but fear left him a second ago the minute he looks down to the bottomless dark pit below him.

Yes. There is nothing to fight for, for now that he has nobody to share his life and love.

The half of his now broken soul has gone for eternity and he falls too deep into sorrow to be able to blame God. No prayer can return his love. No wish can be granted to re-live the dead. He knows very well, what is dead should stay dead. There. He does not wish to continue living in the world where he is all by himself.

One step.

One step and his sadness will be over.

One ste —


A gentle voice calls. Utters a word he has forgotten.

How can he forget the treasure his love has left him?

He turns around and sees a little girl with teary eyes stands before him. Her tiny hands are shaking for she is holding back her tears and cry. The little girl with his love’s eyes and hair steps toward him. Her tiny shaking hands reach out for him, making him remembers every single moment of his life. He has a daughter, a little girl who still needs his protection, love, and affection. He bursts into tears realizing how much of a fool he is for thinking he has nothing and nobody in this world. He reaches back to his daughter and embraces her with all his might. He promises her that he will never abandon her ever again. As the little girl releases all her sadness and loneliness in her father’s gentle embrace, he, once again, finds his purpose to keep on living.

He, once again, is reborn a new.

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