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Xavier's curse is the first installment of the eerie horror character that is Xavier Fox.
This is a short writing i like to call "Xavier's Curse".

You wake in an empty room, Confused, you have no memory of this place and you are constantly hearing the laughter of children,
you can hear it, but it is quiet, and faint, you look around. and the entire wall in front of you, is a mirror.

You begin to feel as if you are not alone, in the empty, windowless, room. you only see a door behind you,
the lights cut out for a split second, you turn around to see nothing but a door,
the lights come back on,
you turn back around to the mirror to see Xavier standing behind you,
where the door used to be. his arms wide open and slowly closing, with the walls closing with him...
and Xavier slowly getting closer to you, expressionless, with his eyes glowing red.

You hear screams, but his mouth does not open, someone, something from behind you, you turn around to see nothing,
you turn around again, to see nothing, the door in front of you, but farther away, the walls back to normal.
An utter silence becomes your biggest enemy to your sanity.

The mirror becomes a wall again, but this time...smeared in blood and writing.you turn around once more to run,
only to see Xavier running towards you, screaming, the blood on the wall starts glowing red and flowing down to you.

As the blood turns into a puddle, the blood forms into a human statue of you, following your every move, but with no expression,
and blood smeared all over it.

You finally fall, only to see 12 other statues surrounding you, standing over you, in mockery of your fear,
Children's laughter haunts you as Xavier walks towards you slowly, expressionless.

The blood forms bars like a jail cell in between you, him, and the clones, in a few short words, he says to you
"On which side of the cage, is the prisoner? There is no answer...fear creates the cage..."
and then disappears into the fog behind the cage made from hardened blood.
The statues stay still as they become enclosed in the fog in which nightmares are caged in.
The smoke of a burning heart, from the flames in which all smiles are cremated.
You begin to hear an eerie drumbeat coming from a distance in the fog....


And second by second, it keeps getting louder, closer, stronger.
An sound that seems to have wraps invisible limbs around your heart and squeezed out the last bit of sanity you could ever grasp onto.
And then you hear a voice follow the beat...

"Blood on the Mirror...
How can't you hear her?
Why does this sound always stay?
Now that you see me
You start to stop breathing
Now watch as all life fades away.."

Your eternal nightmare has become what you think is reality,
what your eyes are seeing is crossing all bounds and you just now question whether you are alive, or you have died,
and are now paying for your sins. You scream with all of your might and power that you have left,
your body is rendered motionless by the bounds at which fear has tied you down to the ground.

But you...you turn around to the mirror...to see yourself motionless...and are able to only force a smile.
The beat becomes so loud you turn around to it and make an attempt to move, you escape from the bounds of terror,
and jump through the mirror with all of your power and strength, and you break through it..

You are blind, you can't feel the ground, but you know that you aren't falling.
You begin to get up, still not feeling any sense of where you are, just darkness..
you kneel down to feel the ground that isn't there, you look up, and there it is...the light....You ask yourself "Have i died?"
You run toward it at it becomes smaller, you see another light in it's path, as you begin to miss each and every light you go past,
trying to escape this hell you have cursed with. You jump into the last light, and make it.
You wake up.
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