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by stuart
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curious kids end up in a scary situation
The cavern

Josh Linden was the richest man in the town of Mercury. Everybody in the town knew him, but didn’t know what he did as a career. One day the little kids in his neighborhood were spying on him. They wanted to know why he was so rich. When they got close to his house they heard a weird clinking noise. They looked through the basement window, and saw a huge cavern in the floor. Jimmy the youngest kid in the groups said “lets go inside and check it out.” That’s when the oldest kid Tim said, “Have you lost your mind?” As Jimmy crawls through the basement, Tim walks home. Jimmy starts down the ladder into the deep cavern. As jimmy gets closer to the back the clinking sound grows louder. He gets to the back and sees two miners picking away at Mr. Lindens gold mine under his house. The miners warned Jimmy he would never get out that none leaves the mine. Jimmy found out why Mr. Linden was so rich but he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone, he was never seen again.
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