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WIP body switching Dredd fan fic. feedback and suggestions welcome.
Megacity shell game

Plan: Judge Tragger is on routine patrol when he is called to Buster Keaton block plaza where he finds a heavily armed and armoured futsie has already killed several judges and cits and is raving about brain stealing aliens Tragger takes him out using stumm gas. Futher investigation reveals the futsie is a salvage worker from sector 17 rad zone and is dosed to the eyes on zizz. Tragger investigates the guys work site at the ruins of Eddy Snowden block, control and finds a hidden stash of Apocalypse war wepons and tools used to make then armour. He enters the ruins on a hunch and is ambushed by Sal "the beak" Manetti. Sal has been on the run form a murder rap for overva year and has gone a little crazy he has an alien brain switching gizmo but instead of using it to skip town or get rich he wants to break in to the halls of justice and destory the evidence against him.

Tragger comes to in the body of Bunny Hopps Sal's moll while Sal has Traggers bod and Bunny is stuck with Sals ugly mug. Sal interagates tragger to learn access codes for Barny and evidence lockers realising that torture and drugs would be usless against the iron willed judge so uses pleasure inducers instead. Tragger has an uncomfortably good time and spills his guts

Recovering his whits Tragger identifies Bunny as the weak link in Sal's gang and as soon as they are alone he seduces her then knocks her out fleeing the ruined block in Bunny's body.

Tragger is searches for a public com but is acosted by a biker, the biker underestimates the apparently helpless female pay the price waking up tied to a holding post minus his ride his scatter blaster and his clothes

Tragger heads straight for the sector house and gets there just in time to confront Sal, Sal taunts his saying Traggers current body is no match for a judge and claiming he doesn't have the balls to take out his only chance of returning to normal. Tragger tells him he's nothing but a punk and too chicken take on a real judge no matter what body he's in.


Tech devision are unable to make the alien machine work it is currently on display at yhe black museum.

Bunny and the rest of the gang are captured and do hard time.

After a lengthy investigation and assessment judge Tragger returns to street dutystill in the body of Bunny hopps.


Judge Tragger cruised along the intersector sked way at a steady 200 mph weaving his Lawmaster between slow moving mopads and lumbering two lane juganauts constantly alert for signs of trouble. Suddenly his helmet radio crackles to life and the calm professional voice of control speaks.

"All unit, all unit vicinity of Buster Keaton block, heavily armed citizen amok, shoots fired multiple injuries reported, Judges on scene not responding to coms. Code 99red suspected, say again code 99 red"

Code 99 red, judge down, "Judge Tragger responding." he growls into his helmet mike and guns his engine. The powerful motor bike roars across the twelve lane mega- highway towards the offramp and in moments the 200 story bulk of Keaton block is looming ahead of him.

He rolls into Keaton block plaza and enters a scene of carnage pieces of people and vehicles scattered all around and in the centre he see the culprit. A figure in what looks like a crude imitation of military power armour, bulky and clumsy but obviously effective, the figure doesn't seem to notice his aproach instead he raises his weapon to fire on a feeling hoverbus. With innocent lives on the line the judge sees no time for subtly instead he flicks a switch and activates his Lawmaster's bike cannons, the powerful twin machine guns roar, heavy calibre rounds slam in to the rampaging cit making him stagger but failing to penetrant the thick armour.

"Drokk!" Tragger curses "creep's armoured like a Radsweeper. Control, perp is wearing some serious protection, going to need air support here."

"Roger that," control acknowledges him "Mantas inbound to your location, eta 10 minutes."

Tragger growls in frustration, a lot of citizens are going to die in those 10 minutes, he has to act now. He slews his bike around desperately trying to dodge the perp's renewed fire. He recognises the weapon as a stub gun, a type of high powered laser rifle he hasn't seen since the Apocalypse War, the laser cracks carving slices out of the plasti-crete of the plaza before connecting with the speeding bike neatly slicing the back wheel off.

Tragger and the flaming wreck that was his bike part company at high speed sending him tumbling end over end, he slides into one of the piles of scrap that litter the area. He lies stil for a moment, nothing seems to be broken the armoured fabric of his uniform protected from the worst of the damage. The perp seems to be firing towards the block now and Tragger can hear him shouting, screaming might be a better term, a long incoherent rant about aliens coming to steal his brain. The judge has a plan now, it's risky but if he's lucky it will stop this mad man before he can hurt anyone else. He kneels and takes careful aim with his Lawgiver pistol he bounces a few standard rounds off the creeps back just to get his attention

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