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A mouse makes a new place for herself

I found a mouse one morning

When I stepped into a boot

And felt soft, furry vermin

Squeak underneath my foot

I said "You have to leave now,

My boot's not your address."

She headed for the window

To get outside, I guess.

I grabbed myself a clean towel

Went looking for a comb

I found the little mousie

Had decided her new home

Was in my dresser drawer

I explained it was not so

That her little, fuzzy self

Would really have to go

I took her mouseness outside

I told her "Find a field."

I shut the back door firmly

And then it was revealed

That when I locked my windows

And closed up every door

That mouse on my pillowcase

Giving a Titanic snore.

I scolded and I pleaded

For her to go away.

But no matter what I tried

This critter planned to stay.

" If you're going to live here

It's me you need to please."

When she squeaked agreement

I located the spray cheese.

I taught her all about it

She liked cheese in a can.

I wasn't being thoughtful;

Instead, I hatched a plan.

The next time my neighbor

Parked his car in our driveway

I smiled and woke up Mousie

We had a game to play.

I spray-cheesed all the wiring

Inside his new sedan

Then told the mouse to eat it

That's when she began

To gnaw on every wire

To chew, to masticate,

To bite, and grind, and also chomp

Mousie ate and ate

She twitched her whiskers at me

As we stood in the road

To watch our puzzled neighbor

As he had his car towed

Now you must practice courtesy

In my yard and at my house

If you don't, then I'll be sure

To unleash a hungry mouse.

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