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by Archie
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What's the GOP afraid of?

Being gay, lesbian, transgendered or bi-sexual is becoming mainstream, so, I am using the word Gaystream to describe the race away from Politically repressed, oppressed Conservative sexual dysfunction. And we, the people are winning that race, mile by mile, court decision by court decision. The story about GOP offense (See Story Here) indicates to me dying gasps of dying tyranny against a large group of people who no longer need to hide in their closets.

The struggle to deny rights to the LGBT community is a losing struggle, and the GOP is afraid; they see the writing on the wall, and they fear the future. Why? Because that will drag them even further from their basic religious beliefs, or so they feel. Wrongly so. Is their belief system, their god so weak that diversity cannot be tolerated?

Perhaps it is control of others' lives. They may fear that loss of control of those they feel are sub-standard humans. GOP guys, there is no such thing as a sub-standard human. Theoretically, your god created and loves them all. Or so you claim.

The people are chipping away at government control of private lives, and the case in Norfolk today is a small bit of that chipping away. Wait till you see the avalanche.

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