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by Igarin
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Last night on “Ink Master” the true definition of cutthroat competition and no holds barred criticism became evident, Scott indeed is cocky along with Matti, but who has been on top consistently? Scott, he may not have won every challenge, but he has received praise for every tattoo he has produced so far in the competition.  Halo on the other hand not on top, however, not at the bottom either, but upon hearing Scott and Matti bad mouth him, he decided to shut them up by winning the Flash Challenge, thus having the ability to assign canvases to all the artists. 

And last night was all about covering tattoos, and Halo went ahead and strategically assigned the canvases keeping in mind each artists strengths and weakness, and this brings up Kyle, who by the way was voted by America at the end of last season to come back this year, but he has consistently been criticized for work lacking substance, creativity and finesse, and in turn has become increasingly paranoid and insecure about every single tattoo he produces, and last night was no different and the only reason he is still in the competition is because have been a lot worse than him. 

Once the judges were done praising a few and ripping others to pieces, the decision came down as to which 2 artists were going home and those were King Ruck and Jim, this last one came to find out is somewhat color blind, how can someone be so careless?

There are only 8 artists remaining, the competition is intense, and the weeks to come promise to bring out the best in some and others will systematically be eliminated.

“Ink Master” runs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike. 

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