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by Igarin
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Reality Television Show
On Tuesday night the remaining 4 artists on “Face Off” were given the task of creating vampire makeup based on an indigenous bloodsucking monster with a new ability not associated with vampires.  George chose Yara Ma Yha Who legendary vampire creature from Australia, Rashaad’s was Jiang Shi blood sucking monster from China, Niko got Aswang monster who at night turns into a blood thirst fiend from the Philippines, and Tyler got Sasabonsam vampire that resides in the legends of Ghana. 

Only 4 remain and there is no room at all for errors, they tackled the challenge with ambition and much creativity The camaraderie and true friendship that has risen amongst them is refreshing and humbling, not 1 of these feel themselves better than the rest, instead they help and support one another with respect and longing to be in the finals and ultimately the winner. 

Then it was time for the Reveal Stage where the judges analyze every single detail of all make-ups. First up, Niko and his makeup was lacking on a lot of aspects he didn’t quite measure up to what this challenge was about, George’s was great as far as face and body were concerned; however, the fingers through which the beast sucks blood were misshapen and clunky, Rashaad’s creation though was outright creepy from the get go and the eyes gave one goose bumps when looked into them, and Tyler unfortunately was disproportioned and make up wasn’t solid enough. 

Rashaad and George were on top with the former winning his second challenge and then McKenzie Westmore advise that no one would be eliminated because this was a two part elimination challenge, so for this week all four remain in the competition. 

“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on SYFY. 

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