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Pencil and Pen find their inner-value through collaborating to finish a project
Pencil and Pen

         As Pencil and Pen stared at the blank page, they had no idea how they would complete their task of writing a 200 word essay. Pen thought to himself, “I suppose Pencil will have to do the bulk of the work on this assignment, there is not a way I could contribute!” As Pen ran over this in his head, Pencil was worrying “Oh no, looks like I’m gonna have to lay low on this project, theres no way Pen could need my help....” Each fellow was waiting for the other to begin writing, and as a few minutes passed by, Pencil abruptly asks, “So when are you going to start?”
“While I was wondering the same, except for you, my friend! This is not a job in need of my ink!” replied Pen. “Oh please, I only wish I had your ink! All I have is stupid lead....”

         Pencil continues, “A pen is mighty and fearless, marching across the page without ever glancing back, continuing to stride in confidence as he seals important documents and pacts holding the nations of the world together. A pen must be an expert in discipline and preciseness, uniformity and carefulness, brevity and assurance. You never hear someone say, ‘The pencil is mightier than the sword!’ Pens are the doctors, lawyers, politicians, and leaders of this world, making sure everything goes as planned and is executed correctly. Anything I say is not heard, and in this field along with many others I envy you....”

         Pen considers what Pencil has said, and shakes his head in disagreement. “But Pencil, you fail to realize that these traits you have mentioned do not begin to measure up to yours! If only I were a pencil..... Pencils are free like the leaves blowing on a chilly autumn afternoon and can create a silent and beautiful wonder with many different shades and shadows. You say your lead is ‘stupid’, but this very lead is the same material that can be written and erased, like the ever-dynamic thoughts of a great philosopher. Pencils are the artists and great thinkers of the world. This lead is the same material that makes the world we live in so subject to interpretation, and can be seen in so many different ways to different beings. You may not be heard, but nothing I say is worth hearing. Pencil, you are the brain to a body, the Spring to a year, and the words to a story.”

         Pencil rolled this over in his mind and gained a new perspective on his purpose and value in life, so, Pencil replied, “Pen, if I am the brain, then you’re the skull. If I’m the Spring, then you’re the Fall, and if I’m the words, then you’re the page.”

         Pen had a new look of confidence and self purpose on his face. And so, Pencil and Pen began to work. Over every revised, scratched, erased, rethought, and re-revised idea Pencil had, Pen would go over it in it’s powerful black trail of sheer permanence, for all the world to see. They finally finished, and as the admired their work, they realize the symbiotic relationship they share. What is a body without the brain and the skull? What is a year without the Spring and the Fall? What is a story without the words and the page? What is a world without the thinkers and the doers?
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