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Rated: 13+ · Other · Erotica · #1988109
A man finds a bag of clothing and finds himself transformed.

It all started when I found the bag, it was a small rucksack the kind you'd use as carry-on luggage or an overnight bag, I picked it up off my doorstep and took it inside to see if I could figure out who it belonged to. I looked inside and found nothing out of the ordinary, a bag of toiletries a makeup kit, a few changes of clothes just the kinds of things you'd expect a woman to pack for a short trip. On impulse I opened the makeup kit and that's when things started to get weird.

My eyes fell on the tube of lipstick draw by its rich sultry red colour and I feel a sudden overwhelming compulsion to try it on. I shrug at the thought and can't think of a good reason not to. I apply the sticky stuff using the small mirror in the kit, it only takes a moment but the effect is startling my lips start to tingle and suddenly seem full and pouting. Seeing the in them in the mirror I can't help but think how sexy they look "blow job lips" is what I would call them if they were on a girl and the thought of seeing them wrapped around a thick cock starts to turn me on. I reach for a cleansing wipe to remove the red colouring but instead I grab a pad of foundation, I am already applying the cream coloured powder before I realise my mistake. The foundation coats my face smoothing out my imperfections and blemishes making my features appear softer almost feminine. Again I reach for a wipe but this time I find myself holding a mascara wand I try to put it back but my hand refuses to obey and instead start applying the back the thick black stuff to my eye lashes not stopping until they are long and thick. My heart hammers in my chest as eye shadow and rouge follow despite my efforts to tear myself away, finally my unruly hands seem satisfied. I stare into the mirror and see the face of a beautiful woman staring back at me, a little trashy yes but still more than pretty. I give a little scream of shock that cuts of abruptly when I hear how high and girlish my voice has become.

I feel strangely calm as I reach back into the bag and pull out a complete outfit including a blouse a miniskirt and of course a bra and panties. Instead of running away as fast as I can I find myself striping out of my regular men's clothes and changing into the ones I found.  First I try on the bra struggling with the clasp for a moment but as soon as I secure it two fleshy mounds swell out of my chest filling the cups the sudden extra weight pulls me off balance. After giving then a squeeze and confirming that they are very real not to mention heavy I slip on the blouse, my hands emerge from the sleeves looking slender and delicate even my nails are painted and neatly manicured. The rest of my torso shrinks especially my shoulders and waist giving me a slim girlish figure. Next I pull on a pair of thong panties; part of me wants to scream as the soft lace slides up my legs turning them slim and hairless as they go, I brace myself as they reach my groin. The urge to scream fades instead a girlish giggle escapes my pouting lips as my junk is compressed inwards turning into a smooth slit. Lastly I pull on the miniskirt and surprise myself by giving a contented sigh as I feel my hips and ass expand until the fabric is stretched tight across my backside.

My mind is wrapped in fog as my body finishes changing and long hair tumbles past my shoulders. I dig in the bottom of the bag until I find a driver’s license and my mind suddenly seems to clear as I read the name "Jane Reid" of course that's me, it's like I am suddenly remembering a whole new life. My old life as a guy name Jim seems like a distant dream as I think about my nice apartment up town, my job at the bank and especially my hot boyfriend Charlie,  I smile as I think about going home and letting him fuck my brains out but somehow I know there is something I have to do before I can start my new life. I move around the apartment gathering together a change of clothes some toiletries and my, or rather Jim's, driver’s license and stuff them in the bag as if I was packing for a short trip then I make my way out onto the street.

I leave the bag on a random doorstep and walk away without looking back, as I flag down a cab I wonder who will find the bag and whether they will they will enjoy Jim's life as much as I am going to enjoy Jane's and then I'm getting in the cab and I'm only thinking about the new future that is waiting for me.
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