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by Igarin
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Last night on “Ink Master” the artists were first told that there would be no Flash Challenge, and second that they would be working in teams 2 to test their Flexibility.  Then came the puffs and huffs of annoyance from all contestants, but without exception all hoping that they would not be paired with Gentle Jay, -whose gentleness by the way is still to show through-.  The teams would tattoo the same canvas in turns, and the ultimate goal to see the final creation as one cohesive tattoo without any indication that 2 different people had painted. 

The canvases were open, meaning they were up to have any type of tattoo the artists chose to be put on their bodies, then it was up to them to randomly pick skulls and decide which 2 artists would work on them.  First pair, Sausage and Matti, second Scott and Halo, and the third, to Melissa’s great disgust was she and Gentle Jay. 

Sausage and Matti seemed to be in unison with each putting his input and the other listening to what was being said. Scott somewhat took charge and would point what needed to be done and where as Halo worked, the latter being somewhat laid back just took the other’s words and worked as calmly as possible. Melissa and Gentle Jay didn’t work together; they just opted to choose specific parts of the tattoo and worked separately which was the exact opposite of what this challenge was about.  And then it was judgment time; the guest judge was Luke Wessman who specializes in Traditional tattoos, -tattoos that feature bold black/blue outlines and intense reds or yellows-.  And the winning team was Scott and Halo, Sausage and Matti although not clear of a design still met the challenges requirements of appearing as though there only was one artist.  That meant that Melissa and Gentle Jay were at the bottom and they would need to face off and paint the same tattoo on a different canvas each based on one of Luke Wessman’s original tattoos. 

Melissa received advice from Scott and Matti, while Gentle Jay worked on his own and knowing full well that he is not good at traditional tattoos.  Then came judgment time and by a slight margin Gentle Jay was told to close shop.  “Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike. 

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