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Appreciating GoT Players
In Appreciation of the Entire GoT Crowd


Hi Gaby, is turning blonde from gray too difficult?
I asked this question because Gaby should know the answer as she changes her hair color frequently.
Gaby was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina but fled country due to war? Luckily now. she lives in Missouri, and has recently married to a great guy named Aco.
Our gal despises laundry, but loves challenges, Well, isn't laundry a challenge?
Anyway, thanks for all you do, Gaby. We love you in House Florent.

House Stark

Hannah ♫♥♫
Her real name is Hannah. She lives in W. Central Wisconsin, but is originally from MN.
She has two children, 11 grandchildren, 2 dogs, 3 cats and great sense of humor. She has to. That's a big family. *Wink* Golden Years" is her favorite David Bowie song.

Her real name is Bonnie. "My Bonnie lies over the ocean!" Lovely name!
And this lovely lady loves music, loves to dance, enjoys cross-stitching.
She has two cats and loves Jane Austen books. I can just picture her reading Pride or Prejudice or Emma with both cats on her laps. That's one Lady of Leisure for you.


Her picture on her bio is awesome! No wonder, she was born in the warm month of June, June 8, 1963, to be exact. She lives in Colorado and works in the medical field. She loves Diet Coke and says she is an addict. She doesn't want her mother to worry, as she's a motorcycle fan. She loves dogs.

Kanish ~ we got this!
Kanish is from the fantastic country of India. He works as an engineer and plays cricket. His favorite show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Hi! Tina. *Smile* She was born in the merry month of May, and her birthday is May 22.
She lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a member of the Paper Doll Gang in WdC. As her handle says she has submitted and is waiting for a response. Best wishes, Tina!
She is scared of heights. She loves Oscar Wilde.

His name is Mike, and he's from Atlanta, although he's from Michigan originally. He has four teenagers, and a Yorkie dog. He enjoys writing poetry

She's a fund raiser with Ray, and has a beautiful picture of author with her child in bio.She has Touch of Romance information in her port, and a folder with her group administration stuff inside.
"His screams permeate the walls, echo in my soul." Wow!

Jeffrey B
Jeff lives in Louisiana. He is a butcher, and a poet. His birthday is November 5, and he is 23 yrs old
He keeps a fortune from a cookie that says, "Happiness is not pleasure, it's victory."
He can cook on the grill and is interested in all arts.

Hi, Rhonda!
Rhonda lives in Ontario, Canada. and has 3 kids, Two of them are eleven and twelve years old. She is the founder of Welcome to My Reality. Her birth date is March 25, 1971, She loves music.

She goes by the nickname "Sky" and has started writing stories a year ago.

House Targaryen

Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC

His real name is Matt. He's 19 and is birthday is Oct. 18th. He's studying chemistry, and he plays the piano.He attends University of Nottingham. He's a Harry Potter fan. No wonder, he enjoys writing fantasy. *Smile* His other favorite movies are Ted and Inception

Sir Various

He's 37 yrs old and is from Midwest, USA. His birthday is July 14. He loves Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
His favorite quote is from ray Bradbury "You fail if you stop writing." So true! His favorite authors are Robert Jordan and Piers Anthony

Her birth date is July 11, 1984. She lives in Cornwall, England. Her favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. She writes Fantasy. Her favorite books are Discworld series. Her favorite authors are Terry Pratchett and Michael Crichton. She likes folk rock. Her favorite shows are Firefly and Red Dwarf

L. Stephen O'Neill
Hi Oneigon!
His real name is Stephen and Birth day is March 17. He's married with two children. He's from Northwest. He's a football fan. He writes High Fantasy. His favorite authors are J R R Tolkien and Orson Scott Card. He likes most things Celtic, and his favorite poet is Shakespeare.

He lives in Upstate New York
Birthdate July 29
Loves Alternative Rock
Fan of the Game of Thrones
Fan of Clash of Kings
is in high school
writes fantasy
B-day is July 29
prefers to write in 3rd person

Cupadraig~The Remote Country
Real name is Patrick
Is a chef
married with no children
Has 2 dogs
Collects comic books
from Lincoln, Nebraska
also collects vinyl records
enjoys bike riding
B-Day is Sept 30
writes fantasy

Real name is Hanna
is 68 years old
Birthdate is April 4, 1946
Born in Germany
Lives in Israel
3 adult children
1 Grandchild
Makes jewelry
Loves to Bake
has also lived in South Africa
writes children's stories
B-Day is April 4
also likes to paint and make jewelry
likes Harry Potter and Lord of Rings
favorite authors are John Saul and Ursula Le Guin
likes classical and jazz
favorite movies: Children of a Lesser God and Carry Grant movies

A E Willcox
Real name is Amanda (My daughter's name is Amanda) *Bigsmile*
From South England
Birthdate is November 22nd
Loves to draw
Loves history
Loves to Bake
Loves going to the sea
writes fantasy
took ballet and art in school
handy with a sewing machine
favorite authors: Terry Pratchett and Jane Austin
likes rock and heavy metal

Avid fan of Fantasy
She is 26
Birth date is September 3, 1986
Oklahoma Girl
Loves puzzles and sudukos
Collects Disney movies
has 6 brothers, one of them she hasn't met yet
likes Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
favorite music is Christian

House Lannister

Hi, Jeff!
Real name is Jeff.
Leader in the Talent Pond
Lives in Los Angeles
Birthday is Dec. 13th
Plays tennis
Motion Picture Executive in real life
Favorite poets are Poe, Frost and Shakespeare
Favorite quote "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

Brooke - lurking
Hi Brooke!
Recently had bronchitis.
youth advocate
has a dog
has a brother
favorite color is pink
favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies
works in the Transportation Industry
likes scrapbooking
favorite TV show is NCIS
leader of Talent Pond
likes Heavy Metal

Jay (away for a while)
production artist and materials specialist
likes the group Smashing Pumpkins
from New York City
favorite author is H P Lovecraft
favorite genres: fantasy, horror, and sci-fi
likes to knit
reads comic books

Has three children
lives in Southern California
writes adventure fantasy romance
B-Day is in Oct
enjoys hiking and lifting weights
prefers to write in 3rd person
likes the Harry Potter series
favorite author is J K Rowling
likes the group Depeche Mode
favorite movie is Fight Club

Prosperous Snowwoman
Real name: Neva Florence Darbe
Lives close to or in Las Vegas.
Is a member of the Baha'i faith..
Enjoys roses (her mother did too)
Took care of her ailing mother for a long time until she died.
Is still looking for the love of her life.

dblameck (David)
Hi David!
Spent 30 years in the navy
From Canada
Writes mostly short stories and poetry
Favorite Film is Casablanca. Mine, too!

*Real name is Jeff
Is from Ohio
Likes rock music
His interests are: Family, writing, running, sports
Favorite genres: Comedy and Horror

Andrew is a composer in his twenties.
When not composing music, he writes and cooks,
Runs "The Quill Awards"
Lives in the Boston area.

*Flower1*Lives in Dayton, Ohio
Is from Chicago
Was raised in Atlanta
Has a B.S. in technical communications

abcoachnz-Sometimes around
Hails from New Zealand.
Has a younger brother
Favorite Olympic sport is gymnastics

House Arryn

~A.J. Lyle~
Birthday is in November
Loves music
Lives in Canada
Has a 13-year-old daughter who recently joined WDC.

Missy ~ EnjoyingBeingAMommy
From Tennessee
Has five children with her boyfriend
Has three dogs and two horses
Enoys the horror genre
-Loves Stephen King

She is seventeen.
Is doing (or was) National Poem Writing Month
Doesn't like text talk
-Enjoys SciFi and fantasy
Likes The Walking Dead
Is from California
Ice cream is her favorite dessert

Marcia~I'm Home :)
Hi, Marcia!
Loves Martina McBride
Is from Pennsylvania
Has three children and two grandchildren
Likes to write true stories

-Lives in Indiana
is a stay-at-home mom
Has two sons who are four and eight
Likes Queen and Metallica

Lives in Detroit
Plays guitar
Plays basketball
Favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury
Likes Stanley Kubrick
Is twenty
Birthday is February 23.

Shadowstalker-- Covid free
-Is 31
Is single
Likes SciFi and fantasy
He is writing a novel called Revolution.

She writes mostly for children, fantasy and mystery.
She is a member of several review groups.
Her birthday is July 26
loves to cook.
grows herbs and greens

Purple Princess
First account anniversary of the Games
Writes mostly for children
likes to review.
She trekked through gold country with her husband

Hi Riot!
Stay-at-home mom and ghostwriter
Has a collection of old poetry books
Owns a whole lot of fuzzy socks
Likes to play slot machines
Lives near Seattle.
Her first name is Justine
Married to Kaftarian Knight and has an eighteen-month old daughter
Likes the color purple
Likes "Singing in the Rain" by Gene Kelly.
Likes Carl Sagan, Douglas Adams, Terry Brookes, and Alan Alda.

House Martell

Hi Lornda!
Writes humorous non-fiction
Runs the Classic Story Contest and the Humorous Poetry Contest
Has written for the WDC Comedy Newsletter
From Canada
She doesn't like to talk about herself
Likes reading and photography
Favorite author is John Grisham
Favorite music group is Simple Plan
Favorite movie is Back to the Future

Loves Star Trek
Has four children
Lives in Washington, DC
Born in September
Favorite genres are comedy, fantasy, and sci-fi

Hi Mona
From Canada
Has published a book of poetry
Enjoys Tai Chi and astrology

From Canada
Has a teenage son
Likes rhubarb wine

TarynSloane ~ Writing
Hi there, Tammie!
From Texas
Writes to learn about herself
Writes poetry
Likes cooking and fitness

A Thankful Sum1
His first name is Jim.
His favorite authors are: Stephen King, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Clive Cussler, Andre Norton, Edgar Rice Burroughs
His favorite quote is by Confucius: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
He likes pastel colors, especially blues, and purple, too.
His favorite song is by the Beatles: "Let It Be"
20 Year Navy Veteran on Submarines
His birthday is May 10,1954
From Chicago
Likes Oldies Music

QueenOwl ~ A New Day Dawns
Lives in CA
Originally from Philippines
Married to an American, she now lives in California, USA.
Has kept a journal for 40 years
Her favorite genre is creative non-fiction

From Australia, VIC
Is a senior in high school

Lives in Chennai
Enjoys bird watching
Loves romance and poetry

Lox~back, but all new!
Lives in London
Born in Sept
Enjoys horror and fantasy

House Florent

This is my hometown!
Witchy woman
Married to her best friend Vic
Loves animals, especially fish and cats.
Loves to quilt.
Had four kids.
Has seven grandchildren.
Drove a bus for 31 years.
Lives in New Jersey.
Used to have red hair.
Her last name is Crain.
Loves Civil War Era Books
City Commissioner in Blog City

CJ Reddick

Plays flute
Has dark hair and green eyes.
Is fifteen.
Is head leader of "Blogging Circle of Friends " [E]
Is better at short stories than poetry.
Wrote two books in 6th-8th grade.
Loves cats and has two.
Has attempted to get several friends and relatives on WDC but has never gotten one to stick.
Volunteers at church's childcare center (and has gotten quite good at it, if he does say so himself)
Loves all things related to ancient Egypt.

Charlie ~ thx anon
Is a relatively new member of WDC.
Plays bass guitar.
Is married.
Doesn't have kids and doesn't want them.
Is twenty-two.
Has three cats.
Likes to watch Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Shameless.
Has an older brother.
Is a member of the Blog City Council.
Is also the Assistant Leader for "Blogging Circle of Friends " [E]

*Flower1*Real name is Mitch.
*Flower1*Birthday is 4/11.
Owns a cat named Petunia
Has an awarded poem about illness- Love is Sick
b\Brother named Mike
Survivor of Katrina
Daughter named Bailey
Stole a kiss when he was 7
Is a Walking Dead fan

Real name is Beth
Loves Doctor Who
Founded/Leader Group Soundtrackers
Loves cats

PandaPaws Licensed VetTech
Real name is Sharon.
Loves to cook.
Has a dog named Toby that suffers from seizures.
Has a BS degree in Animal Science.
Attended Cornell University.
Dabbles in oil painting.
Is a Civil War buff and volunteers with the Honor Flight.
Has had pet rats.
Plans to write a novel loosely based on her mother's childhood.
When her husband connected her laptop to the internet she swore she would never communicate with ANYONE online! *Shock* Thank goodness she did not keep that promise *Bigsmile*

Is 47.
Lived most of life in California.
Worked in retail, tech manufacturing, and education.
Writes educational material.
Is currently recovering from a stroke in a nursing home.
Played flute in high school.
*Birthday is 12/5
Has published books

C'est moi!
Two sons, married
loves reading, cooking, arts
Owns 4 E-readers
Loves to go for walks
Is a sr.moderator here on WDC.
Has an awesome Adult Lemonade in the Sunday Social! *Wink*

very thankful
Real first name is Penny
Has recently finished her novel Bloodshed on the Setting Sun and Damnation Books is Publishing
Birthday is 4/15
Has 3 four-legged family members, Josette, Maggie, and Rocky
Enjoys Country artists like Johnny Cash
Loves Dark Fantasy and Horror
Eats a gluten free vegetarian diet
Sings in church

The Run-on King PDG Member
Real name is Brett
Has a column in the Blog City Chronicle
Served in Vietnam
Enjoys online gaming
Sense of humor (We think he rocks!)

House Frey

blue jellybaby
Real name is Alice
Lives in Newcastle, England
has a Masters degree in Youth and Community work
signed a book deal

Real name is Becca
From Toad Suck, Arkansas
Has six children, married
homeschools her children
Favorite genres: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery

wolf knight
Son of ember_rain
from Arkansas
Is seventeen.

She is from Otaki, New Zealand
Capricorn, birthday is January 16
Favorite genre: romance

Has three kids
Loves cats, and has three of them
Writes children's poetry
She teaches.
Her favorite Quote: "You think you have trouble with math, you should be me." ~Albert Einstein

Real name is Alex
Is 19 years old
Writes the Anador Chronicles.

Favorite book is Alice in Wonderland
Was an Architect
Heritage Turkey Farmer
Has son in college, daughter in HS
Law and Order Fan
Enjoys gardening.
Lives in the UK
Loves to take care of things.
Her son has autism.

The Shane-O-Mac Attack
Is 31 years old
loves his dog

Real name is Christina
Is a teacher
Writes erotica

Is a teenager~ sixteen
Lives in UK
Goes on hiatus a lot.
Enjoys photography
Has a dog named Honey and another dog
Real name is Shaye.
Also enjoys Supernatural Fantasy (vampires and such)
Was once leader of "Blogging Circle of Friends " and is involved in several other groups.
Wrote a novel entitled Scarlet featuring a vampire on the police force.

House Hightower

Elle - on hiatus
Lives in Auckland, New Zealand
Has cooking newsletter here on WDC
Her husband's name is Steve
She has two children: Jayden (13) and Caitlin (8)
Caitlin is Caitie
Both Steve and Jayden are members of this site.
Wrote a book starring her children and their adventures meeting fantastical creatures.
Runs "The Lair" and multiple other groups such as "Kiwis on WDC."

Marci Missing Everyone
Hi Marci ,Congrats on becoming a Freelance writer for Art of Criticism Newsletter!
Birth date is November 14, 1972
Lives in South Carolina
has recently got graphic design software she loves
she quilts
jewelry making
Plays piano and is a song leader in church
homeschools her two children
Leader of WDC Addicts Anonymous
Leader of NaPoWriMo this past April
She writes beautiful poetry
The Chairperson of the Welcome Committee for Blog City

Fran 🏅🇬🇧🇬🇧🏅
Her husband's name is Chris.
Is a swimmer. She has several international medals.
Almost competed in the London 2012 Paralympics.
She has a First Class undergrad degree and a Masters degree.
Last year she took a trip to France.

LostGhost: Seeking & Learning
She lives in India, in Delhi and in Mumbai. Her birthday is January 28. She is the oldest sibling.
She doesn't smoke, drink, eat non-vegetarian food, or hurt anyone intentionally.
When she is upset she likes to splurge by eating at different restaurants and using beauty services.
Her most favorite holiday is Diwali, least favorite Karvachauth.
She loves to sing. She once played the banjo.
She watches Hindi movies.

Is a High School Sophomore, being home-schooled.
She was born in Maine, and now lives in North Carolina
She wants to become an author and an actress/movie producer.
She has her ears pierced.
She likes to read mysteries.
She loves Mr. Bean on TV.
She likes Computer Games and a map-making software Campaign Cartographer 3
She still likes and plays with Barbie dolls with her little sister.
Peter Jackson is her favorite director
Captain America is one of her favorite superheroes
Her older sister Renee is culinary student at Sandhills Community College.
Her birthdate is Feb. 2nd, 1999
She's a Tolkien fan!

Lina Black-So Far Behind!!!
Married 16 years. Four daughters. One son.
She loves pears, especially the Bosco and Reds, and she once ate an Asian Pear/
Every year she spends the week before Christmas with a cousin.
Writes Fictional Romance, some Erotica
Interests are Writing, Reading, Swimming, Learning.
Favorite genres: Romance. Historical/ Scottish/Victorian/Werewolf/Vampire/Contemporary/Erotica
Favorite Books: Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Gone With The Wind
Favorite Authors: Richelle Mead, Stephanie Meyers, Donald Goins, Stephen King, Lindsay Sands
Favorite Music: Gospel, (SOME) Hip Hop, Jazz
Favorite Shows: The Walking Dead, Bitten, Camelot, Being Human

Lives in UK on the South Coast
Is 36 yrs old and single
She has a stuffed toy bear called Gulliver
Loves sun holidays, going to the gym, theatre, her bike and meeting friends in nice bars, and travel.
She has been to Mullingar, Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Cork, and sang in the streets of Cork
In 2012, she spent Christmas in Portugal.
Last year she went to Crete and Tenerife.
A mosquito bit her in Tenerife.
In February 2014, she vacationed in Gran Canarias.

☮ The Grum Of Grums
Birthday, December 6, 1941
He lives in South Australia
Moved to Australia from England in 1965.
Is a social worker since 1998
Married for 45 years, has a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren
is a voracious reader.
Prefers writing fiction in first person
Favorite poets: Rudyard Kipling, Sir John Betjeman,
Favorite Music: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, traditional jazz, the operas of Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini & Verdi, everything by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky
Favorite Genres: History, fiction, fantasy (sword & sorcery), detective fiction, science fiction, family sagas, erotica.

ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy
Hi Ann!
Real name is Ann
Has a pet Turkey
Lives in Oregon
Is 77 Years Old
Has published a series of books
Has grandchildren
Married to a woman named Molly.

Lynda Miller
First name is Lynda with a Y
goes by names Honey, Lynda, Mimi, mom
has been married for 51 years
Is raising her grandson
is a member of the Houston Writers Guild
has written one book and published it
Takes writing courses from the Writing University and The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
Their dog's name is Miss E.
Last summer, with her husband, took their 11 year-old grandson to Italy

House Baratheon

🌑 Darleens lost in the Dark
Real name is Darleen
Birthday June 23
Lives in California.
Has three boys.
She likes to experiment with her writing.

Paul D
Jan. 19 is his b'day, 61 yrs old
Favorite genre is fantasy
Favorites authors: Robert Jordan, C.S.Lewis
He published a book of stories together with Princess Aisha House Baratheon #

Hi Aisha!
She is working toward a BA degree in psychology
Interests: Psychology, coats, testing lecturers with questions, playing pranks, watching football, shocking her sister,
Favorite Genres: Horror, Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, Psychological thriller, erotica.
Her Geek Zodiac symbol is a time traveler
Her cat's name is Katty
She shares a room with her sister and they live with their parents.
Loves cartoons and wearing earrings
She earned her first shilling by working as a receptionist in 2013
Her uncle calls her "fairytale princess"

Birthdate is December 15, 1966
She is from Canada.
She idolizes her family.
She likes reading, walking, writing, gardening.

She says she is an Anxious geek and poet.
She lives in West Wales.
A blogger and mental health advocate.
She is married to an American called Kate Ellen
They have three cats, three hamsters and some fish.
Birth date May 5th, 1982.

Real name is Ken
Birthday is October 12
Enjoys poetry.
He's a Virginian
Optimist by nature
Animal lover

DyrHearte writes
Her name's Deb
she's a sci-fi enthusiast
Birthdate is August 22, 1954
Lives in Montana
Her interests are gardening, fishing, hiking, reading, Science and Math.

Teerich - 2019
Is from Northern Ireland
Her birthday is in April
Enjoys travel
Loves Poetry
Loves Art

💙 Carly - Pumpkin Spiced
Great blog, Carly!
Real name is Carly
Is a Teacher
Lives in Ontario, Canada
Birthdate is January 12, 1967

Koyel~writing again
She lives in Kolkata, West Bengal, India
teaches Math.
loves poetry and singing
favorite poets: William Wordsworth, John Keats
she has four published books

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