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Paranormal photography taken at the historical Winter home of Thomas Edison.
For as long as I have lived in Fort Myers, I have heard the rumor that Thomas Edison's home is haunted.  I now know this to be true.  I have worked at the Edison and Ford estates for over three years as night security.  In the last ten months I have photographed many images that I perceive to be paranormal.  I have shown my ghostly images to many people and exibited my favorites downtown at the Broadway Arts Gallery. 

I sincerely believe that my photography has dramatically documented the old rumor that the Edison home is indeed inhabited.

Ten years ago I would have never considered my ghostly images to be authentic, because that would have implied that there truly was an afterlife and that was something that I did not believe in.  Phrases like " life after death " were oxymoronic to me. Life after death sounded as illogical as jumbo shrimp or military intelligence.  By definition, these words have no business together. 

I have changed since then.  My thoughts are much more scientific and the concept of Afterlife seems much more probable.

In the department of physics there is a section called Thermodynamics.  It's first law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  To me, that is the philosophical principle that allows our spirits to transfer to the next dimension.  After all, a spirit is an energy form.

I now assume that our spirits never " pass away."  They just pass on to the next dimension where they continue evolving toward being a more sophisticated and thoughtful organism. 

At this point I must admit that my ghostly images from the Edison home have profoundly affected my view of the Cosmos.  My need for clarity has led me to the development of a theory I call the " Fifth Dimension. " 

For hundreds of years physicists have worked in the great shadow of Sir Isaac Newton.  He gave us a three dimensional universe that was

machine-like and worked with a mathematical clock-like precision.  Then came Einstein.  He made it clear that there was another dimension that had to be factored into the cosmic mix.  He preferred to call this dimension the Space/Time Continuum.  Others just called it the

Fourth Dimension.

I believe this is where the Fifth Dimension comes into play and this is where our Souls transfer to upon our death.  The fifth dimension is right here with us.  It seamlessly co-exists with the fourth dimension on one hand, and the sixth dimension on the other. 

Today astrophysicists are working on the General Field Theory that Einstein never accomplished.  They call it the Super String Theory.  They believe that there is a minimum of ten dimensions to what we conceive to be reality.

When they succeed and they will, we will have a fascinating story written in mathematics, that conclusively brings the sub-atomic world online with the stars.  May the force be with us,

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