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God's conciousness...

To contemplate it is to contemplate repitition.

So to start with repitition.

Find a tennis ball. Now build a machine that can repeatedly bounce the ball back into his hand. Have it aim for the same spot then let it work. Over the first few billion bounces nothing unusual happens.

However, through basic understanding of the concept of infinity, we know that something must happen.

So on bounce four billion three hundred thirty three million six hundred sixty six thousand nine hundred ninety nine all the molecules of the tennis ball line up with all the molecules of the wall and the ball simply passes through harmlessly into your home.

Truly something that only happens once in millions.


We move on to something more complex.

Sand is eroded rock displaced by water and then dried over millenias. Wind in the desert is high, looks as though another sandstorm is coming. Third time this year, and our crops are dying, and though an act of nature I cannot interfere, I put beauty into it for you.

This sandstorm is special. It is the quadrillionth sandstorm of Earth's history. It's many years in the future, for you for me it is a blink of quantum eyelids but I digress. Watch closely.

The sand rises in swirls, forming twisters and violent dry monsoons. Flies so fast to be in it naked is to die of lacerations. However the wind even dies, and the sands settle. And for the first and only time in your planets short life a castle will form so perfectly as though made by a group of children.

Truly a thing that only occurs once in billions.


Follow me.

I take you many more years in the future. It is the inevitable finish to your bubble universe in this paradox I created on a whim. Like what you would call legos I stack amd unstuck the universes into a duoverse. What think uni was all there was. Watch as I stack twelve into a double hexaverse then make it spin with life and love.

Look deep into the depths of verse three.
Stanza galaxy two.
Rests infinity for the milky way the universe where dwell all of you.

Here we have a creature. A thing I created evil, a thing I created on a day of darkness when I was in a fit of rage and hate. Humanity I created to destroy, but what's this?

Out of a race of murderers and rapist and thieves and liars we find have thrived and suceeded in a world I created to hate them and kill them harshly. Through all things they have endured. Now, look there, you see, you see that light? That is a child who has learned the true meaning of life, worked out the puzzle of purpose, solved the equation and now holds the key to save his species.

For he has found love.

Truly something that has been one in trillions now shared.


We are to your home, in your time, and I must leave shortly.

Look around you. Has life been found on any heavenly body you have gazed upon through your telescope? Have you encountered any being outside of your planets that has proven intelligence?
How many planets do you think I, that I am, could cram into your tiny insignificant lego universe?
I could of placed more stars in your night sky, but I figured it bright enough for your eyes to see.
Bright enough to see back into the past and see the illuminated moment of specifically your creation. See that I placed exactly infinity stars for you to sleep by. Around those stars I placed many more planets. Around all of them you are alive.
I created more, but I created them in happiness and serenity and spoiled them amd eventually they always grew weak and warped and destroyed themselves. That's why I was in a fit of rage when I created you, I was angry at my failure, though now I see that in my failure I created my gratest success. I created you in struggle, pain, and sickness. I made you self destructive, outwardly destructive, and starving. Yet somehow, someway with everything thrown at you, you do something the rest never did, thrive. Survive, got stronger, got smarter, got faster, created tools beyond shortly explaining and dominated!
You did something I made impossible in a hostile universe on a turbulent planet floating in a poisonous rocky vacuum. This, I say, take pride.
I say create. For maybe, just maybe,you might compose construct or concieve a beautiful masterpiece work of art and change the universe forever.


I mean the odds against you is something like....

One in infinity...

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