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A childs story about a particularly nasty habit
The Boy Named Pete

There once was a boy they called Pete
Who had one thing he most liked to eat
While most kids like candy,
Or some form of sugars
What Pete liked the best
was the taste of his boogers.

His parents, disgusted,
knew not what to do
So they scolded and begged
till their faces went blue

But Pete paid them no mind
He just dug in and fed
While his mother turned green
and his father turned red

He walked about town
with his hand in his face
And his parents' heads hung
In their shame and disgrace

Then one day it happened.
As Pete picked in his nose
his finger got stuck
In that horrible pose

Peter tugged and he pulled
he whined and he pleaded
All the kids gathered round
to see what poor Pete needed

The doctor was called
and the ambulance came
and they rushed Peter off
to the clinic on Main.

The doctor came in
he pressed and he prodded,
took a step back,
then he silently nodded.

"Pete, my dear boy,
I know just what you've got.
An acute case of Rigorfied
Poisoning by Snot."

"Hold yourself still
This will just take a bit"
And he pulled out a shot
and gave Peter a stick

"Ouch!", Peter cried
Then he heard a loud "POP!"
And the finger came out
all encrusted in glop.

But, Pete didn't eat it
he just quietly rose,
picked up a tissue,
and dabbed at his nose.

He washed up his hands
and dried them both neatly;
then asked for a sucker
and did it quite sweetly.

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